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Cisco SPA122 Installation Manual

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Brand: Cisco

Category: Adapter , Telephone

Type: Installation manual for Cisco SPA122

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Cisco SPA122 ATA Installation Guide

For analog phone or fax extensions

Activating Your Cisco ATA

You will need your activation code to activate your Cisco ATA. The activation code was sent via 
email. You can also retrieve it in the 8x8 Account Manager by following these instructions:

1.  Go to 


, click Sign In and select Account Manager; enter your administrator 

username and password.

2.  Click Phone System from the top navigation bar, select View All Extensions, then click 

Activate Device next to the extension you wish to activate.

3.  A pop-up screen displays the activation code for the extension.

Note: If you are activating an Overhead Paging system, follow the special instructions provided 

in the pop-up screen.

4.  To activate your device for voice or fax service, connect an analog phone (or fax machine with 

phone) to the Phone 1 port on the Cisco ATA. Lift the handset and follow the voice instructions 
to enter the activation code. You will hear a message confirming your ATA is activated.

Installing your Cisco SPA122 ATA

Connect your device using the ports on the back panel. You will need either an analog phone or a 
fax machine with an analog phone to activate your device using the Phone 1 port. 

Fax Machine

(2nd-Port Fax Plan Only)

Computer or 


Internet Connection 

(Router or Broadband Modem)

Power Adapter

Analog Phone, Fax 

or Paging System 

•  Use the PHONE 1 port to connect an analog phone, analog overhead pager or fax machine with 

an RJ-11 telephone cable. (If you purchased a 2nd-Port Fax Plan, connect that fax to the  
PHONE 2 port.)

•  The ETHERNET port connects to an individual network device, such as a PC or a laptop.

•  The INTERNET port connects to your router or if you have no router, directly to your cable or 

DSL broadband modem. 

Note: If you connect directly to a broadband modem, you must first configure your Cisco ATA to 

act as a router. Please see the 

Using your Cisco ATA as a Router section


•  The Power port is where you connect your AC power adapter.

For further assistance 
on activating your Cisco 
sPa122 ata, contact 8x8 
Customer support on