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Cisco EXPLORER 4640HDC User Manual

Download Datasheet of Cisco EXPLORER 4640HDC Cable Box, DVR for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com.

Brand: Cisco

Category: Cable Box , DVR

Type: Datasheet

Model: Cisco EXPLORER 4640HDC , Cisco EXPLORER 4650HDC

Pages: 4 (2.65 Mb)

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Data Sheet 


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Cisco Explorer 4640HDC and 4650HDC High-Definition 
Set-Tops with Multi-Stream CableCARD Interface 

Power, flexibility, and advanced security features highlight the Cisco




 4640HDC and 

4650HDC High-Definition Set-Tops with Multi-Stream CableCARD™ (M-Card™) Interface. 
The 4640HDC and 4650HDC set-tops support the tru2way™ (formerly OCAP™) and Federal 
Communications Commission (FCC) mandates for separable security. The set-tops also offer 
MPEG-4 (H.264) high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) decoding with HD and SD 
outputs and DOCSIS



2.0 data capability. The 4650HDC set-top also provides analog tuning. 

Figure 1.    Cisco Explorer 4650HDC front panel (image may vary from actual product and specification) 



Network Utilization Enhancements 


1 GHz Tuning enables cable operators to expand network bandwidth to provide additional 
services such as VOD, tru2way, DOCSIS 2.0, and high-speed data 


MPEG-4 (H.264) Decoding supports compression technology that provides better video 
quality at approximately half the data rate of MPEG-2 


DOCSIS 2.0 provides greatly increased upstream throughput for future advanced services 
and provides a path for future IP video services (optional software) 

OpenCable and Conventional Network Support 


M-Card Interface uses a Multi-Stream CableCARD (M-Card) for separable security 


Axiom™ Middleware supports tru2way applications such as Service Navigators, Games, 
and other future tru2way applications (optional software) 


DSG (DOCSIS Set-top Gateway) provides a powerful standard transport mechanism for 
command and control signaling between the set-top and service provider network (optional 


DAVIC Receiver/Transmitter allows IP-based, real-time, two-way communication between 
the set-top and the service provider network for on-demand services (optional software)