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Radica Games Street Fighter II 75030 Instruction Manual

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ensured that a small hardcore fan base turned into an out and out craze.
Gamers all over the world would enter heated debate about the best charac-
ters and greatest moves, from Ryu’s powerful dragon punch to E.Honda’s
100 hand slap and Guile’s Sonic Boom.

Conversions from the Arcade to home format followed and SF2 fans were not
disappointed. Sega launched a special 6 button controller to coincide with
the release of Special Champions Edition, creating near arcade perfection in
the home. Hours were spent playing 1 or 2 player modes, perfecting the spe-
cial moves and creating powerful combos.  

The Special Champions edition was so called because it made all 12 charac-
ters playable, enabling fans to master the moves of fighters that were previously
only controlled by the CPU.


Direction Pad – when facing right

LEFT – Block / move backwards

UP + LEFT – Backward flip

UP – Jump

UP + RIGHT – Forward Flip

RIGHT – Move forward

RIGHT + DOWN – Duck forward

DOWN – Duck

LEFT + DOWN – Duck Block

Direction Pad – when facing left

LEFT – Move forward

UP + LEFT – Forward Flip

UP – Jump

UP + RIGHT – Backward Flip

RIGHT – Block / move backwards

RIGHT + DOWN – Duck Block

DOWN – Duck

LEFT + DOWN – Duck forward


X – Light punch

Y – Medium Punch

Z – Hard Punch

A – Light Kick

B – Medium Kick

C – Hard kick

Throws and Holds

All characters have at least one throw or one hold. To perform these, press the
controller towards your opponent and when the two characters are touching
press Medium or Strong Kick/Punch.

The Game Modes

Select either Champion mode or Hyper mode. 

Champion mode 

Allows you to play through the original Street Fighter II. 

Hyper mode 

An improved version with changed clothing, additional moves and the ability to
set battle speed. Select no stars for normal speed, the more stars you select
the faster the game will be.

Once you have selected which mode you would like to play, you can play in
Arcade mode, Vs Mode and Group mode.

Arcade mode

If you continue to the Arcade mode (Game start) you will meet a series of chal-
lengers that increase in difficulty. Defeat one to move to the next. You will also
be faced with bonus rounds on your path to victory.

Vs Mode

In VS Mode you can go head to head with another player, with each of you
selecting a character.

Group Mode

If you select Group Mode you will be given the choice of Match Play or
Elimination. In Match Play mode you pick the amount of fighters and matches,
with the winner being the one with the most victories. In Elimination mode, you
select the amount of characters you have each. When one character is defeated
the winning fighter will move on to the next until one team is wiped out.

Options Screen
Difficulty Level. 

This enables you to set the CPU difficulty level. Different endings will appear
depending on which level you defeat the game.

Time Limit: Enables you to select the duration of a bout.

Controls: Edit the buttons for a personal set-up.

Character Special Moves

All moves are denoted for when a character faces right. If facing left, reverse
right and left.


Fireball: D, DR, R + any punch button.

Dragon Punch: R, D, DR + any punch button. 

Hurricane Kick: D, DL, L + any kick button.

Air Hurricane Kick (Hyper mode only): D, DL, L + any kick button. 

E Honda

Hundred Hand Slap: repeatedly press any punch button.

Sumo Head Butt: Hold L for 2 seconds then immediately press R + any
punch button.

Super Sumo Press (Hyper mode only): Hold D for 2 seconds then immedi-
ately press U + any kick button. 


Electricity: Repeatedly press any punch button.

Rolling Attack: Hold L for 2 seconds then immediately press R + any punch

Vertical Rolling Attack (Hyper mode only): Hold D for 2 seconds then
immediately press U + any kick button.


Sonic Boom: Hold L for 2 seconds then immediately press R + any punch 

Flash Kick: Hold D for roughly 2 seconds then immediately press U + any
kick button.


Fireball: D, DR, R + any punch button.

Dragon Punch: R, D, DR + any punch button.

Hurricane Kick: D, DL, L + any kick button.             

Air Hurricane Kick (Hyper mode only): Press D, DL, L + any kick button
while airborne.


Lightning Kick: Repeatedly press any kick button. 

Whirlwind Kick: Hold D for roughly 2 seconds then immediately press U +
any kick button.

Kikoken (Hyper mode only): L, DL, D, DR, R + any punch button.

Air Spinning Bird Kick (Hyper mode only): Bounce on the edge of the
screen and, while airborne, hold D for roughly 2 seconds then immediately
press U + any kick button. 


Spinning Clothesline: Press any two punch buttons simultaneously.

Spinning Piledriver: Quickly rotate the D-Pad in a clockwise direction then
press any punch button. 


A few people may experience epileptic seizures when viewing flashing lights or
patterns in our daily environment. These persons may experience seizures while
watching TV pictures or playing video games. Players who have not had any
seizures may nonetheless have an undetected epileptic condition.

Consult your physician before playing video games if you have an epileptic
condition or experience any of the following symptoms while playing video
games: altered vision, eye or muscle twitching, other involuntary movements,
loss of awareness of your surroundings, mental confusion and/or convul-


This game is powered by four (4) AA (LR6) batteries.

• Using a screwdriver, loosen the screw until the battery compartment door

can be removed. 

• Insert four (4) AA (LR6) batteries (we recommend alkaline) as indicated

inside the battery compartment.

• Replace the battery compartment door and tighten the screw with a

screwdriver. Do not over-tighten.



NOTE: To connect Sega Mega Drive directly to a TV, the TV must be equipped
with audio and video input jacks. They are commonly found on the front of the
TV near the contrast, color, and picture adjustment controls or on the rear of the
TV near the antenna and cable/satellite jacks.

If your TV does not have audio and video input jacks, you may connect Sega
Mega Drive through a VCR connected to your TV.


To connect Sega Mega Drive to your VCR, insert the yellow video plug from the
Main Unit into the video-in (Yellow) jack on your VCR, the white audio plug into
the left audio-in (white) jack. Then set the VCR to the appropriate video input
mode (see your VCR’s operating manual for details).


Congratulations- you obviously know a classic game
when you see one!

When Capcom first released Street Fighter in 1987, they probably knew they
were onto something, carving their very own niche in the Arcades. However
controls were tricky and moves hard to execute.

When Street Fighter 2 came along it was a different story! Moving from a
simple 2 button control to 6 buttons, introducing a range of special moves
and giving each character their own unique plotlines, histories and endings

Model  75030

For 1 player / Ages 8 and up


P/N 82390320   Rev.C

Up (U)

Up & Right (UP)

Down & RIght (DR)

Down & Left (DL)

Left (L)

Up & Left (UL)

Down (D)

Right (R)


Directional Pad



Button A, B, C

Button X, Y, Z

E 1