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Datexx DESK PILOT II DF-551 Operation Manual

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Brand: Datexx

Category: Clock

Type: Operation manual for Datexx DESK PILOT II DF-551

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Operation Manual

World Time LCD Clock, w/ Built-in 
10 Digit, Desktop Calculator  

 World Time—16 Cities!
10 Digit Calculator 
Large Digit Clock w/ Musical Alarm
Currency Converter 
 Tip & Tax Calculator


Setting the Time and Date

The easiest way to set the time is to choose the largest 
city in your time zone and set the time for that key. Once 
you set the time for the largest city near you (See the city 
keys), all other time zones will be set automatically. 
1. Press the CLOCK button to display the time mode
2. Select a City nearest you, except MY ZONE, by pushing 
the button with the selected City's name. (Note: City 
names are on each key.)
3. Then push SET twice and the HOUR on the display 
should be blinking.
4. Press “=” key to switch to 12-hour mode. Use the UP 
and DOWN buttons to change the Hour. 
5. Press SET a 3rd time in order to change the minutes 
and the minutes will blink. Use the Up and Down buttons 
to adjust the minutes.
6. Press SET a 4th time for Month, a 5th time for Day, and 
a 6th time for Year.  In each case, adjust the values using 
the Up and Down buttons.  
7. After the Year has been selected, press CLOCK one 
more time to lock in the time.  


: The date display format may be toggled 

between (for example) 2/23 and 23/2 depending on your 
locality. To toggle this reading, press the [Clock] button 
on the front and then press [Tax-] on the calculator side 
the display will reverse date and month.

At any time during the above steps, pressing CLOCK will 
lock the settings and end the procedure. After you set 
the time for the city selected, all other city times will be 
adjusted accordingly. 

Choosing Military Time


1. Press the CLOCK button to lock into TIME MODE
2. Then push SET, the HOUR should be blinking.
3. Press the = key on the calculator side. This toggles the 
display into Military Time.
4. If you want to return to regular time, press the (=) key 
5. At Any time, pressing CLOCK will lock the settings and 
end the procedure.

Daylight Savings Time (DST Key) 

For the US (except Anchorage, Alaska) compensation for 
Daylight Savings Time is automatic. The Daylight Savings 
Time (DST) adjustment applies to all US city keys, except 
the MY ZONE key. 


1. Installing Main Batteries


M-3) 1.5V



M-3) 1.5V


Step 1.  Open the battery cover located 
                on the bottom.

Step 2.  Use 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries 
               and place them according to 
               the polarity
               direction indicated.

Step 3.  Close Battery Cover.