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Dell PowerEdge C5000 Specifications

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Density done right

The PowerEdge C5000 3U form factor chassis 

builds on your requirements to do more with 

less by capturing all-important power-saving 

features in a highly dense architecture to help you  

increase the revenue per square foot in your data 

Giving you 4x the density with 75% less to cool, 

the PowerEdge C5000 chassis utilizes a shared 

infrastructure that is affordable and efficient so 

you can offer more compute power, producing 

one of the most dense hyperscale server 

chassis available today.  In addition to the 92% 

efficient hot-plug redundant power supplies, the 

PowerEdge C5000 chassis has fewer and more 

efficient fans, using 1/6th the amount of fans than 

a traditional 1U.

Simplified serviceability

The PowerEdge C5000 chassis is easily 

serviceable, containing hot-swap power supplies, 

and server nodes for increased availability.  


PowerEdge C5125 or C5220 microservers are 

showcased in the PowerEdge C5000 3U chassis. 
The PowerEdge C5125 microservers, based on 

the AMD® Phenom™ II and Athlon™ II series 

processor, meets the demanding needs of 

dedicated and Web 2.0 customers by providing up 

to 12 independent 1-socket server nodes that can 

be ordered with as few as 4 nodes to allow you to 

grow as your customer demand expands. 
The PowerEdge C5220 microservers are powered 

by Intel’s® Xeon™ E3-1200 series processors.  

The PowerEdge C5220 microserver was 

developed for the demands of dedicated and 

virtual hosting, CDN, and Web 2.0 applications 

with feature rich requirements. 

Global services and support

Dell’s broad portfolio of planning, implementation 

and maintenance services can help accelerate your 

IT initiatives and grow your business. Dell services 

can be tailored to complement how you manage 

your environment. Options include, but are not 

limited to, infrastructure consulting services to help 

you optimize your data center, and custom rack 


PowerEdge C5000 

•  4x the density of traditional 

1U servers

•  Shared infrastructure uses 

less floor space, power and 


•  Hot swap server nodes and 

power supplies

PowerEdge C5000 Chassis

The 3U shared infrastructure PowerEdge™ C5000 chassis features maximized density to help 
save space and lower costs