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Dell 2350 - Wireless WLAN Broadband Router Specifications

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Easy as

Dell 2350 Wireless LAN

Broadband Router


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Dell 2350 WLAN Router (802.11b/g)



At the center of your home or small office network - the Dell 2350 
Wireless LAN Broadband Router allows multiple users to share a 
single high-speed Internet connection - wired or wireless! Share 
files, printers or even play multi-user games with the easy to use, 
flexible, high-speed, secure Dell 2350 Wireless LAN Broadband 


Three Devices In One 

The Dell 2350 Wireless LAN Broadband Router delivers the 
functionality of three devices in one! Designed to support the latest 
IEEE Wi-Fi® certified 802.11g specification, the Dell 2350 
Wireless LAN Broadband Router offers Wireless Access Point 
functionality for existing 802.11b or the latest 802.11g wireless 
devices. With a built-in 4-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet Switch, this 
Wireless Broadband Router allows for direct wired connection of 
up to 4 computer systems for Internet or resource sharing at wired 
speeds or connect to additional hubs and switches to create a 
larger network. The router functionality of the Dell 2350 Wireless 
LAN Broadband Router allows for firewall connection to a high-
speed cable or DSL modem. 




Dell 2350 Wireless LAN Broadband Router offers the latest in 
security features - Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) which 
dynamically encrypts data as it’s being transmitted, as well as 
support for 64/128-bit WEP encryption. This router can serve as a 
DHCP Server, has Stateful Packet Inspection NAT Firewall 
technology to help protect against intruders, supports VPN pass-
through and can be configured with filters to restrict access based 
on MAC or IP addresses. 


Easy Set-up and Manageability 

Dell 2350 Wireless LAN Broadband Router is easy to set up and 
easy to manage. A tabbed control utility provides easy access to 
all of the router’s features including a Parental Control Utility for 
easy management and control of web access. An easy to follow 
Setup Wizard walks you through the basics of setting up the router 
in your home or small office network.