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ZyXEL Communications Dimension GS-1116A Specifications

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16/24-port Unmanaged 
Gigabit Ethernet Switch



Cost Advantage Solution for 
Gigabit-to-the Desktop


Non-blocking Gigabit wire-speed  

  forwarding to fly the transmission 


Jumbo frame mode support

  (up to 10K bytes) to maximize  
  efficiency of transmission for   



IEEE802.1p CoS support to    

  priority transmission according to  
  packet priority level 


IEEE 802.3x Flow control to    

  optimize transmission by  


  reducing congestion  


2 built-in Dual-personality

  (RJ-45 or SFP open slot) interfaces  
  for flexible deployment


Auto MDI/MDI-X support for   




1U, 19" rack mountable

Cost-effective Solution for Gigabit Migration


ZyXEL GS-1116A/GS-1124A is a 16-port/24-port unmanaged gigabit switch providing a cost-effective 

solution to empower “Gigabit to the desktop” connectivity. This brings significant performance 

improvement with increased network bandwidth. In addition, the GS-1116A/GS-1124A come with two dual 

personality (RJ-45 or SFP open slot) interfaces. It offers flexible connectivity (copper or fiber) to adapt to 

different deployment environments.The GS-1116A/GS-1124A is an ideal solution for bandwidth-hungry 

applications (such as high resolution digital image transmission, video/audio file streaming/downloading, 

server farm connectivity). 

Wire-speed Gigabit Engine to Fly the Transmission

With a robust hardware design, the GS-1116A/GS-1124A performs packet forwarding at wire-speed, which 

can instantly transfer giant packets without performance degradation. In addition, with the support of 

802.3x flow control, the GS-1116A/GS-1124A guarantees smooth transmission by adjusting packet 

transmission to reduce congestion. IEEE802.1p CoS allows the GS-1116A/GS-1124A to send packets based 

on the priority level to optimize multi-service applications, like VoIP, video conferencing or video streaming. 

In addition, the GS-1116A/GS-1124A supports jumbo frame transmission up to 10K bytes to improve 

transmission efficiency and network performance.

Hassle-free Installation and Usage

Connectivity can be as easy as connecting to a port on the switch. All the rest of the functions are done 

automatically. All ports on the GS-1116A/GS-1124A are Auto MDI/MDIX; that means you don’t need to 

check the Ethernet cable type. In addition, auto-negotiation helps adjust link speed intelligently to reach 

the best link quality. In other words, there is not hassle of twigging with the switch or pouring over the user 

manuals. The GS-1116A/GS-1124A is rack mountable, allowing you to place it in a rack to save precious 

office space.


16-port Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch


24-port Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch