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Dell WiGig Quick Manual

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Brand: Dell

Category: Docking Station

Type: Manual  for Dell WiGig

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Unparalleled convenience

Convenient and powerful the Dell Wireless Dock – WiGig 
delivers seamless connectivity to display, network and 
peripherals with superb bandwidth.

Connect up to two external displays with DisplayPort and 
HDMI ports as well as your peripherals with 1 front USB 3.0 
and 2 back USB 3.0 for great productivity. Collaboration is 
supported with front Audio In/Out port for voice over IP.

The docking station is equipped with an ethernet 
connector that helps ensure high and dedicated bandwidth 
for fast data transfers. Configuration and connectivity is 
easy with Dell Connection Manager supporting WiGig and 
Wireless LAN settings as well as seamless handover.

Fast and flexible

The Dell Wireless Dock - WiGig is an ideal solution for 
meeting rooms or classrooms. It offers connectivity to 
projectors and peripherals enalbing the user to seamlessly 
connect to the environment.

Collaboration is easier as people can switch from one 
user to the next enabling dynamic interactions. As it 
provides connection to peripherals, display and network 
simultaneously it also helps the workforce or students 
collaborate across the room or around the world.

Dell Wireless Dock – WiGig can support Diplays, Projectors 
or TVs with DisplayPort or HDMI including remote audio; and 
for legacy VGA based infrastructure’s adapter are available.

Ethernet connector helps ensure the presenter benefit from 
cable-class network connectivity for stable and efficient 
collaboration with remote locations.

Secure and manageable

Secure and manageable, the Dell Wireless Dock – WiGig 
is based on established protocols and authentication and 
efficiently manageable remotely.

Encrypted communications and strong authentication - 
WiGig specifications are based on proven existing IEEE802.11 
standard, security and manageability are similar to current 
wireless LAN technologies.

Incredibly fast - WiGig technology allows devices to 
communicate wirelessly at multi-gigabit speeds, faster than 
the fastest Wi-Fi networks based on IEEE 802.11n.

Standard based for long term stability - WiGig specification 
was confirmed in May 2010 as the basis for the 802.11ad draft 
standard, it is a standard based 60GHz technology and here 
to last.

Dell Wireless Dock - WiGig


 Wireless Dock - WiGig delivers unparalleled convenience and superior connectivity. The only 

WiGig technology docking solution provides best-in-class docking experience.