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Dell 735N Supplementary Manual

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Brand: Dell

Category: Laptop , PCI Card , Server , Software , Storage

Type: Supplementary manual for Dell 735N

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02E054 A00

P/N 2E054 Rev. A00

February 2001

Changing the Default 

Administrator Password for Dell™ 

PowerVault™ 735N NAS Appliances

This document describes how to change the Microsoft




 default administrator password 

for your PowerVault 735N network attached storage (NAS) appliance.

Default Administrator Account Information

The default administrator password for your PowerVault system, in its original configuration, is 

NOTICE: For improved system security, Dell recommends that you change the 
administrator password after completing the initial configuration of your system.

Changing the Administrator Password

Your system, in its original configuration, has a set of default accounts. Only the administrator account 
has administrative privileges. By default, the administrator account is set to use the user name 
administrator, with the password powervault.

You must enter this administrator account information when you connect to the PowerVault NAS 
Manager in order to have administrator privileges. Leave the Domain field blank unless you are 
logging on using a domain administrator account. To log on as a domain administrator, enter the 
domain administrator user name, password, and domain.

NOTE: If an administrator adds a domain account to the local administrators group, the domain user 
may access and administer the system. However, the administrator cannot use the Change 
Administrator Password
 page to change the (domain account) password. This page can only be used 
to change the local administrator's account password.

NOTICE: Any information you send from the NAS Manager can be viewed by others on the 
network. To prevent others from seeing your information, use the method explained in 
“Using Terminal Service Advanced Client to Send Encrypted Password Commands,” found 
later in this document, to change the administrator password.