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Dell 1U Data Sheet

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Brand: Dell

Category: Network Hardware

Type: Datasheet for Dell 1U

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Ease of installation

The KMM console fits easily into the Dell PowerEdge™ 
xx20 family of racks, as well as the previous generation 
PowerEdge 2410 and 4210 racks and third-party racks 
that meet the EIA-310-E specification. Compatibility 
with the 1U rackmount sliding rail kit enables quick 
installation in a rack. The console rail kit uses the 
ReadyRails™ II interface for tool-less installation in Dell 
or third-party racks with unthreaded round holes or 
square holes.
The KMM console supports multiple enterprise 
configurations. It can be connected directly to 
the keyboard, video, and mouse ports of a single 
rackmounted server for a simple one-to-one interface, 
or it can be attached to a rackmounted Dell KVM 
console switch, such as the Dell PowerEdge 4322DS, 
which supports up to 32 servers. A KVM console switch 
maintains the electrical connection to each server as 
the KMM rack console is switched by the KVM among 
the connected systems. The KMM console can also 
share its 1U space with any of the currently shipping 
Dell KVMs.

Better for the environment

The Dell 1U rackmount LED console uses an  
LED-backlit display and is eco-friendly. Unlike the 
typical LCD console that uses a display backlit by 
CCFLs (common cathode florescent lamps), the LED 
console is free of mercury vapor. The console is also 
RoHS compliant. 

Regional support

Dell provides user accessibility for multiple geographic 
regions. The KMM console can be configured for 
multiple keyboard options and jumper cords to meet 
regional needs. Keyboard language options include 
English (both US International and UK versions), French, 
Spanish, German, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), 
Korean, and Japanese. The keyboard and mouse 
touchpad are connected to the server or KVM through 
a cable with a USB interface.
The IEC C13 to C14 jumper cord is pre-installed on the 
unit and allows for connection to current and legacy 
power distribution units (PDUs). NEMA and INMETRO 
cords are also supported for some regions. If an 
alternate cord is required, the IEC cord can be easily 
replaced with an alternate jumper cord with a female 
C13 connector or extended by attaching another cord 
to the C14 connector.

Key differentiators

The FPM185 has two USB 3.0 compliant pass-through 
ports, which provide faster data transmission between 
the KMM and connected USB devices. The 18.5-inch 
widescreen display supports both legacy server video 
modes and widescreen video modes. The FPM185 
rail kit enables tool-less installation for a typical 
deployment completed within minutes. The touchpad 
mouse has palm rejection technology that allows users 
to rest their palms on the touchpad without causing 
cursor jumps or page skips.

Dell continues its commitment to large enterprise customers by offering the infrastructure and accessories you 
need to complement your server installation. A keyboard, monitor, and mouse (KMM) rack console offers IT 
managers the ability to install a single, integrated user console.

The Dell™ 1U rackmount LED console (model number: FPM185) provides a system administrator’s control station 
mounted directly into a rack enclosure in a slim 1U (1.75-inch) form factor. Combined with an 18.5-inch flat-panel 
LED screen and a specially designed keyboard and touchpad mouse, this KMM can be mounted in the same rack 
U-location with any currently shipping Dell KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) console switch to manage the 
setup, administration, and maintenance of multiple rackmounted servers.

February  2013

Dell 1U Rackmount LED Console 

Manage your servers while saving valuable rack space