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Dell PowerVault 124T Features

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Expandable Automated Backup Delivers True Value

The Dell PowerVault 124T tape autoloader is designed to provide organisations with maximum 
secure storage capacity in a space and resource-saving 2U rack mount chassis. The affordable 
PowerVault 124T offers expandability and delivers features found previously only in high-end 

Its magazine style architecture enables you to double your storage capacity by upgrading from 
8 to 16 cartridges. Plus, you have a choice of equipping the autoloader with LTO-3, LTO-2-L or 
VS160 tape drives. This forward compatibility can mean further cost savings by helping to ensure 
investment protection.

Administrative Ease Can Save Time and Money

The PowerVault 124T is designed to automate administrative backup tasks so that administrators 
can focus on other efforts. Remote management through any web-based browser provides the 
ability  to  oversee  backup  operations  from  any  PC.  Plus,  automatic  cartridge  swapping  helps 
reduce  the  risk  for  human  error  sometimes  caused  by  manually  switching  cartridges.  The 
PowerVault 124T’s automated capabilities also simplify large or frequent backup scenarios.

Crafted  for  easy  installation  and  use,  the  PowerVault  124T  can  quickly  be  implemented  into 
existing networks. The removable eight-slot magazines enable fast bulk tape loading while the 
standard bar-code reader helps save time, allowing administrators to randomly or sequentially 
access their cartridges.

A validated backup solution designed to ensure peace of mind

The PowerVault 124T offers seamless integration with customer networks. It works with different 
network operating systems such as Windows


, Linux


 and NetWare


. Additionally, it supports 

leading backup applications including VERITAS


 Backup Exec

, Yosemite



, CommVault




 and LEGATO Networker



To help ensure compatibility and easy implementation, the PowerVault 124T is Dell certified, 
tested and validated for use on Dell hardware including PowerEdge

 servers and select storage 

devices. It is also backed by Dell technical support for the length of your limited warranty.

The  PowerVault  124T  is  a  premier  tape  autoloader  for  busy  administrators,  delivering  dense 
storage capacity in a 2U form factor at an affordable price.




Tape Autoloader

The Dell


 124T secure 

tape autoloader brings high density, 

expandable and remote management 

backup capabilities to small and 

medium businesses in a compact,

affordable 2U form factor.

Dell PowerVault 124T