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Dell 1855 Supplementary Manual

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Brand: Dell

Category: Server

Type: Information update for Dell 1855

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Information Update

For instructions on installing your Dell

 2342M Integrated Fibre Channel Module, refer to the 


 1855 Installation and Troubleshooting Guide. Configuration information, drivers, and 

a list of EMC-approved software are available on support.dell.com. 

Using the StorPort Driver with the Microsoft





Server 2003 Operating System

If you are using the StorPort driver with the Microsoft


Windows Server 2003 operating system and 

do not have Service Pack 1 or later installed, make sure you are using the latest storport.sys driver. 
Updated StorPort drivers are available from www.microsoft.com. Refer to the EMC Support Matrix 
(ESM) at www.emc.com for the latest required hotfix.

QLogic SANblade Manager Application

At present, the QLogic SANblade Manager application does not support the Dell 2342M 
Integrated Fibre Channel Module daughter card for the PowerEdge 1855. When complete, drivers 
will be available at support.dell.com. 

If you need to implement Target Persistent Bindings, download the SANblade CLI available at 
www.qlogic.com in the EMC Approved Software section. 

High Availability Clustering with Microsoft Cluster Server

High availability clustering with Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) is not supported. Support for 
this feature is planned for Q1 2005.

Boot from SAN Option

Under certain SAN configurations, the Hard Disk Drive Sequence setting under BIOS Setup will 
display as Embedded, followed by random ASCII characters. This truncated ASCII string 
represents the external SCSI TARGET/LUN combination. Select this string to boot your system. 
Despite this message, the Boot from SAN function works properly. A future version of the option 
ROM (version 1.46 or later) for your fibre channel module will eliminate this issue. When 
completed, this update will be available on support.dell.com.

November 2004

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