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Dell PowerEdge 4600 Specifications

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Dell PowerEdge 

4600 Server

Incorporating the latest in high 

performance technologies, an

enhanced set of availability 



and a high level of 

scalability, the Dell


4600 introduces a new level of 

functionality to the dual-processor

mid-range server market.


The Dell PowerEdge 4600 offers new, cutting-edge technologies providing exceptional levels of performance for

memory-intensive, high bandwidth applications including network infrastructure, collaborative data backup  and

recovery, research, security and streaming media. With up to two Intel



processors, it delivers core speeds

as fast as 3.0GHz with a 400MHz front side bus. 

Furthermore, the PowerEdge 4600 is the first Dell platform to utilize the ServerWorks


Grand Champion High 

End (GC-HE) chipset that raises the bar for high speed memory access and performance. The PowerEdge 4600

implementation of the chipset provides an incredible 3.2GB/s of memory bandwidth and up to 3.4GB/s of throughput

on a five-bus-segment architecture. The chipset also accommodates up to twelve registered DDR (double data rate)

DIMMs with capacities up to 2GB and four-way interleaved memory architecture for a performance advantage 

particularly important in high-end graphic applications environments.

The PowerEdge 4600 also incorporates PCI eXtended (PCI-X) technology, the next generation local I/O standard

that provides high bandwidth and dedicated hardware interfaces between internal chips and peripheral cards that

can result in an overall reduction of system latency time.

High Availability and Data Protection

Designed to meet the needs of customers who require high levels of availability and data protection, the

PowerEdge 4600 offers the latest in high availability features. A key differentiator of the PowerEdge 4600 is the

embedded PERC3/Di RAID controller, a high-performance Ultra3 (160MB/s) SCSI RAID solution that provides dual

RAID channels and supports write-back caching with a battery backup to protect the cache memory’s content in

the event of a power outage. It also features redundant cooling and redundant power supply options in addition

to hot-plug hard drives and hot-plug PCI-X slots for optimum uptime. 

The GC-HE chipset contributes several key high availability features to the PowerEdge 4600. Spare Bank, Memory

Mirroring and Error Correcting Code (ECC) SDRAM memory with support for Chipkill

technology enable the servers

to withstand errors that could crash a system that does not support this technology.

Scalability, Manageability and Serviceability

The PowerEdge 4600 provides both enhanced scalability for internal storage, memory and network bandwidth as

well as enhanced flexibility to configure and manage data.* As a result, customers have an easy-to-use system that

can grow readily with their needs. With 10 hard drives, the server delivers up to 1.46TB of internal storage capacity,

and the PowerEdge 4600’s seven PCI slots offer room for additional functionality and expansion.

The PowerEdge 4600 offers Dell OpenManage

with a streamlined, wizard-driven installation for simple management

from the very beginning. Built-in remote management includes full in-service or out-of-service access to the system,

and the completely redesigned 6U chassis is built for data centers, remote offices and  networked environments.

* Versus its predecessor, the PowerEdge 4400.

Visit www.dell.com for more information.

Exceptional performance.

Easy as  

PowerEdge 4600