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Dell Compellent SC280 Specifications

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Store more data, increase efficiency, and help 
reduce the cost of storage per terabyte with the 
Dell™ Compellent™ SC280 dense enclosure — the 
densest storage enclosure from any major storage 
vendor in its class.


 Multiple SC280 and two Storage 

Center™ systems can scale to provide a 2PB SAN 
and NAS solution in a single 48U rack. Plus, Dell 
Compellent can help you tier data from high-
performance, flash-optimized storage to the high-
capacity, cost-optimized SC280 enclosure, all within 
a single array.

Efficiency that drives your data center

The high-density Dell Compellent SC280 enclosure 
is up to 2.8 times denser than traditional 2U 3.5” 
disk-drive enclosure solutions, offering 67.2TB 
of storage per rack unit. Easily increase storage 
capacity for your Dell Compellent Storage Center 
SAN and Compellent FS8600 NAS environments 
with the scalable SC280 enclosure, and optimize 
your IT budget. The SC280 is equipped with spare  
drives to help ensure business continuity as part of 
a resilient, highly available solution that’s backed by 
industry-leading support. Compellent’s automated 
tiering technology places less frequently accessed 
data on the cost- and space-efficient SC280 
enclosure to help you lower your infrastructure 
costs without compromising the performance of 
your frequently accessed data storage. 

Designed for extreme density

The SC280 provides extreme density within a small 
footprint enclosure, and has the best rack unit 
density of any major storage solution. The dense 
form factor of the SC280 helps reduce operating 
expenses by storing up to 336TB in a 5U footprint 
to help maximize floor space utilization in your data 
center. The SC280 has two power supplies, five 
hot-swappable fans for power and cooling, and 
redundant hot-swappable 6Gb SAS I/O modules for 
availability. With a two-drawer drive bay design, with 
each drawer holding up to 42 hot-swappable drives, 
the enclosure offers two configurations for its 4TB 
7.2K SAS HDDs — either partially populated with 42 
drives or fully populated with 84 drives.

Scale on demand 

Deploying and managing your data center is 
challenging — the sheer amount of data that has 
to be stored, backed up and archived is growing 
exponentially. As an all-in-one, fast-write bulk 
storage solution, the SC280 provides an ideal 
solution for your large-scale enterprise and  
co-location deployments, as well as file workflows 
including radiology, life sciences and media archival. 
You can have two SC280 enclosures per loop, 
five enclosures per Storage Center system with 
400 active drives, and up to 1.6PB of raw capacity. 
The SC280 enclosure is compatible with the Dell 
Compellent SC200, SC220 and Flash-optimized 


. Address your data center growth 

challenges with the ultra-dense Compellent  
SC280 enclosure to provide high-capacity,  
low-cost storage for your SAN and NAS unified 
storage requirements.   

Maximize data center 
floor space and reduce 
operating expenses 
by storing up to 
336TB in the 5U Dell 
Compellent SC280 
dense enclosure.

High capacity, cost-optimized storage for your data center  

Dell Compellent SC280 Dense Enclosure