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Dell PowerConnect W-AP92 Supplement

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Professional Installation Guide


0510940-01 | July 2011


Products covered in this supplement are listed in 

Table 1


Table 1  

Supported Products  

This device must be installed and used in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. This product is 
suitable for installation in plenum spaces (air handling). Only power adapters approved by the manufacturer may 
be used. For replacement, contact your supplier or distributor. 

Installation of this product must comply with local regulations and codes. When this product is used with an 
external antenna/s, please refer to the installation documentation provided for the antenna/s.

Changes or modifications to the device not approved by the manufacturer of the product could void the user’s 
authority to operate the equipment and will void the warranty of the product. No user serviceable parts; all repairs 
and service must be handled by a qualified service center. 

All products using external antennas must be professionally installed, and the transmit power of the system must 
be adjusted by the professional installer/s to ensure that the system’s EIRP (Equivalent Isotropically Radiated 
Power) is in compliance with the limit specified by the regulatory authority of the country of deployment.

During deployment of the system and its initial setup, professional installer must ensure that the allowed EIRP 
limit is not exceeded (in the Country of exploitation of this equipment). To achieve this, the professional 
installer must use the approved/recommended antennas by the manufacturer (


). The professional 

installer must enter the antenna gain in Controller software by selecting the AP from the Access Point tab, click 
edit, click more, select External Antenna tab and enter the antenna gain values. Additional attenuation between 
the device and antenna may have to be measured or calculated. 

The following formula can be used to calculate the EIRP limit related RF power based on selected antennas 
(antenna gain) and feeder (Coaxial Cable loss):

EIRP = Tx RF Power (dBm) +GA (dB) - FL (dB)

Part Number



Dell PowerConnect W-IAP92 Instant Access Point, 802.11abgn, dual-band, single radio, antenna 

connectors. Unrestricted Regulatory Domain. This products should be considered as “Rest of World” 

products and must not be used for deployments in the United States, Japan, or Israel.


Dell PowerConnect W-IAP92 Instant Access Point, 802.11abgn, dual-band, single radio, antenna 

connectors. Restricted Regulatory Domain - US


Dell PowerConnect W-IAP92 Instant Access Point, 802.11abgn, dual-band, single radio, antenna 

connectors. Restricted Regulatory Domain - JP

CAUTION:  Read this document before installing and using your product.

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