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Dell PowerConnect W-AP93H Data Sheet

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Dell PowerConnect W-AP93H  

Access Point

The multifunction Dell


 AP-93H is an indoor 802.11n access point (AP) with four 

Ethernet ports designed for deployments in offices, hospitals, schools and retail stores. This compact, 
high-speed AP delivers wire-like performance at data rates up to 300 Mbps and attaches directly to 
electrical or network wall junction boxes.

The Dell PowerConnect W-AP93H features a 
2x2 MIMO dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz radio with 
integrated antennas and 4-port Ethernet switch, 
providing both wired and wireless access to the 
enterprise network. The AP is built to provide years 
of trouble-free operation and is backed by Dell’s 
extended lifetime warranty.

Working with Dell PowerConnect W-Series line of 
centralized Mobility Controllers, the W-AP93H deliver 
secure, high-speed network services for both wireless 
and wired devices.

802.11n enables the use of wireless as a primary 
connection with speed and reliability comparable  
to a wired LAN. It also increases performance  
by utilizing techniques such as channel bonding, 
block acknowledgement and MIMO radios.  
Advanced antenna technology also increases  
range and reliability.

The key to ensuring wire-like performance and 
reliability is Dell PowerConnect W-series unique 
Adaptive Radio Management and spectrum analysis 
capabilities, which manage both the 2.4-GHz and 
5-GHz radio bands to deliver maximum client 
performance while mitigating any RF interference.

The multifunction W-AP93H can be configured 
through the Mobility Controller to provide WLAN 
access with part-time air monitoring, dedicated air 
monitoring for wireless IPS and spectrum analysis, 
Remote AP (RAP) functionality or secure enterprise 
mesh. The W-AP93H features a 10/100/1000BASE-T 
Ethernet “uplink” interface and can operate from 
standard 802.3af power- over-Ethernet (PoE) sources 
or a 12-volt DC power supply.

In addition, the W-AP93H offers four 10/100BASE-T 
Ethernet “downlink” interfaces to securely attach 
wired devices.

Dell PowerConnect  
W-AP93H Access point

802.11n Indoor Access point with 
data rate up to 300Mbps, and 
4-port Ethernet switch. 
Designed to attach to electrical or 
networking wall junction boxes.