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Dell TrueMobile Specifications

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Dell TrueMobile

Wireless Networking Options

Imagine attending a meeting in a conference room at work and reviewing information from the
Internet or printing a file without being tied down to an Ethernet connection.  Imagine working with
your Dell notebook computer at the kitchen table, and sending a document to print in the den,
without plugging in cables.  Imagine stopping by the local coffee house and retrieving email without
needing a phone jack, or wirelessly connecting in an airport or hotel to check your calendar, critical
email or sending important files. 

Wireless networks are convenient, easy to set up, and now, faster than ever.  New standards for wireless
LANs have boosted speed, increased security and expanded reach for more reliable connections.  From
enterprise access points, home or small office broadband routers to a comprehensive selection of integrated
wireless networking options across the Latitude D-family and Inspiron notebooks, Dell has the end-to-end
solutions required to meet the wireless needs of today's businesses, homes and public places.

Real-time Computing

TrueMobile wireless computing helps improve productivity. Users have continuous access to real-time
information, wherever they are located within the wireless LAN environment, without the inconvenience of
locating a place to “plug-in” to the computer network.


Wireless LAN networks can be configured in a variety of topologies to meet the needs of specific applications
and installations. Configurations can be easily changed and range from independent networks for a small
number of users to full infrastructure networks of thousands of users allowing “roaming” over a broad area.

Easy Installation

Installing a wireless network is fast, simple and reduces the need for cabling through walls and ceilings.
Wireless technology also reduces the need to re-wire facilities as business needs change.


Dell is actively working to deliver latest standards-based security solutions for wireless networks.  Dell
TrueMobile products support the Wired Equivalency Privacy (WEP) standard, 64/128-bit data encryption and
802.1x port-based authentication.  Dell TrueMobile wireless LAN cards support Wi-Fi Protected Access™
(WPA) and the new Cisco CCX1.0 certification.  TrueMobile access points provide the ability to "name" each
access point using the SSID feature to minimize unauthorized access and also to provide a "look up" table of
authorized client MAC addresses.  Dell wireless solutions are designed to protect business-critical data.

Service and Support

Dell TrueMobile products offer 3 years Next Business Day On-Site



Easy as

Visit www.dell.com for more information.

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