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Model: EAW DSA250 , EAW CIS400 , EAW SMS5

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he trend toward contemporary

worship has had a mighty

impact on the church sound

market. The desire for more dynamic

presentation continues to drive the

use of increasingly sophisticated

sound reinforcement technology and


Haven Christian Reformed Church,

located in Zeeland, Michigan, high-

lights these trends, evidenced by a

recent audio upgrade in its worship

sanctuary. “Our primary focus had

been traditional worship, but there

was movement to a more contempo-

rary style. Thus we felt it was time to

upgrade to a sound system that could

handle a broader range of program-

ming,” explains Cal Timmer, chairman

of Haven’s technical services.

Built in the 1960s, the sanctuary

was modern for its era, with a “barn”

architecture that was atypical at the

time. Arching wooden ceilings and

beams top a classic shoebox-shaped

space that seats approximately 600. A

balcony stretches across the rear of

the room, backed by a choir loft and

large stained glass window.

In the late ‘80s, an audio system

upgrade also resulted in the move of

the house mix position to the front of

the balcony. That system stayed in

place for nearly 15 years until the

decision for a new audio direction

was hatched.

“The most pressing need for the

new system was increased coverage

and intelligibility. Attaining adequate

gain before feedback had also pre-

sented a challenge through the years,”

notes Gary Zandstra, who headed up

the system project for Michigan-based

design/install firm Parkway Electric &

Communications. “And with the

increasing use of electronic-based

musical performance, another goal

was to present sound more ‘hi-fi’ and

enveloping in nature.”

Rather than rushing into a new direc-

tion, Parkway partnered with the Haven

technical team on a time-intensive eval-

uation process where a wide range of

options – loudspeakers in particular –


studied and in some cases,

brought in for live demo purposes.

Out of this process came a focus on

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Digitally

Steerable Array (DSA) Series of loud-

speakers to provide primary coverage

of the sanctuary, backed by compact

loudspeakers (on delay) to serve shad-

56 Live Sound International   January  2005

Contemporary Trend

Modern audio at Haven Christian Church

By Linda Seid Frembes

A voluminous sanctuary served largely by two low-profile (but full-range) loud-
speakers. Gary Zandstra (left) with Matt Lucas (center) and Cal Timmer of the Haven
Christian sound team, discussing "tweaks" on the new system.