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Viper VSM50BT Quick Reference User Manual

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Brand: Viper

Category: Car Alarm , Speakers

Type: Quick reference user manual for Viper VSM50BT

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1.  Download the free Viper SmartStart app from iTunes App Store or Android Market, depending on the 

type of smartphone you own.  

2.  Have the VSM50BT system installed by your authorized Viper dealer. Your installer can also provide 

you with information about your system.

3.  Follow the steps below to finish connecting your smartphone to your installed VSM50BT module.

Note 1:   Your VSM50BT may be used as a standalone unit or connected to an existing Viper system. As a result functionality/

screen appearance may differ slightly across systems. 

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Start Here

Before you can start using your system, the following steps must be performed:

Congratulations on the purchase of your state-of-the-art Viper SmartStart BT system. Reading this user’s guide 

prior to using your system will get you off to a quick and smooth start. 

Quick Reference 

User's Guide




1.  [All phones] Place your VSM50BT system in dis-

covery mode by holding down the pairing button 

on the module until the LED turns blue (pairing 

button is the one furthest away from the LED)

2.  [iPhone only, Android skip to step 3] Open your 

phone’s Bluetooth menu, make sure Bluetooth is 

turned on. Look for your VSM50BT device name 

on the list of available Bluetooth devices (Smart-

StartBT-xxxx). Tap on the device name to pair 

your phone to it. The blue LED on your VSM50BT 

module begins flashing quickly when it connects 

to your phone at the end of the pairing process, 

then turns solid blue to indicate successful con-


3.  [All phones] Open your SmartStart app, then 

go to More/Settings and turn on the Bluetooth 

switch at the bottom of that page.

4.  [iPhone only, Android skip to step 5] The app 

automatically navigates to the Cars tab so you 

can program your VSM50BT system to the app. 

There are two ways to do this, depending on 

whether you have the VSM50BT as a standalone 

system (mode 1) or added to an existing full Vi-

per SmartStart system (mode 2). Follow the ap-

propriate directions below:

a. Mode 1 (VSM50BT-only): On the Cars tab, 

tap the “Add a SmartStart BT system” button. 

The app pops up the name of your connected 

device (SmartStartBT-xxxx). Select the device 

you want to add to the app, then use the edit-

ing functions to add your vehicle name and a 

picture. If you have more than one VSM50BT 

system to add to the app, repeat these steps 

for each system that appears on the device 


b.  Mode 2 (VSM50BT added to full Viper Smart-

Start system): Log in to your Viper SmartStart 

account at More/Settings/SmartStart Login 

page. After you are logged in, go to the Cars 

tab and personalize your vehicle list with 

names and pictures. Then select the Cars de-

tail page and use the “Add SmartStart BT” 

to associate your VSM50BT system with the 

vehicle it is installed in. 

5.  [Android] Turning on the Bluetooth switch pops 

up a list of available VSM50BT systems to add 

Set up your app to connect with VSM50BT






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