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Amx MAX-BSM Reference Manual

Download Support notes of AMX Design XPress v1.5 Computer Hardware, Controller for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of AMX Design XPress v1.5 Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: NXT-CV7, MVP-7500, NI-3000, NXT-CA12, ALD-D48

AMX Design XPress v1.5 Support notes - Page 1
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Design XPress v1.5
Supported Devices
Design XPress (v1.5) supports the following subsystems and equipment:
User Interfaces
AMX DMS keypads
AMX SB2 keypads (for volume control only)
AMX Touch Panels
AMX Touch Panels
G4 Firmware Panels:
MVP-7500: Wireless Panel
MVP-8400: Wireless Video Panel
NXT/NXD-CV7: 7" Touch Panel with video
NXT/NXD-CA12: 12" Touch Panel
NXT/NXD-CV12: 12" Touch Panel with video
NXT/NXD-CA15: 15" Touch Panel
NXT/NXD-CV15: 15" Touch Panel with video
NXT/NXD-CV17: 17" Touch Panel with video
G3 Firmware Panels:
AXT/AXD-CP4/A: 4" Touch Panel
AXD-CV6: 6" Video Touch Panel
AXT/AXD-CA10: 10" Color Active Touch Panel
AXT/AXD-CG10: 10" Color Graphics Touch Panel
AXT/AXD-CV10: 10" Color Video Touch Panel
Note: G3 panels do not support PictureFrame.
AMX NetLinx Integrated Controllers
NI-2000 NetLinx Integrated Controller
NI-3000 NetLinx Integrated Controller
NI-4000 NetLinx Integrated Controller
NXC-ME260/64 NetLinx Master260/64 Card, Ethernet
MAX Servers by AMX
MAX-MMS MultiMedia Servers
MAX-IMS Integrated Music Servers
MAX-BSM Backup Storage Module
MAX-AVM Audio/Video Module
Whole House A/V Selection and Distribution
Manufacturer Model
AMX AMX AS8/16 audio switcher
AMX PLH-VS8 video switcher
Any audio or video source equipment that uses IR
Supported integration!Solutions Applications by AMX
Manufacturer Model
AMX ALD-D48 (FW build 2.1 or later, via ISCP only)
AMX Radia
Clipsal C-Bus
DynaLite Any DTK Series
LiteTouch 5000LC
Lutron Grafik Eye
Lutron Homeworks Interactive
Lutron RadioRA
Vantage Q
Manufacturer Model
AMX AMX OPStat thermostats
AMX AMX ViewStat thermostats (ICSNET / RS-422)
MP3 Players
Manufacturer Model
ReQuest ARQ2Pro
Imerge SoundServer (XIVA protocol-controlled)
Integra NAS-2.3 Net-Tune (XIVA protocol-controlled)
Marantz DH9300 (XIVA protocol-controlled)
Door Phones
Techlon Instruments