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Accusplit AE1691M17 Operating Instructions

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Brand: Accusplit

Category: Pedometer

Type: Operating instructions

Model: Accusplit Eagle 1691M17 , Accusplit AE1691M17

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To record your distance and calories accurately, you will need 

to set your stride length and body weight. 

This unit is initially set to use English measurement units  

(Miles and Pounds).  To change the unit back and forth 

between English and Metric units (Kilometers and 

Kilograms), press the green RESET button for 5 seconds. 

Finding Your Stride Length: Your stride length is the length of 

one of your steps, measured from “toe to toe.” To measure, 

walk 10 steps with your normal stride and measure the 

TOTAL DISTANCE from the toe of your starting step to the 

toe of your 10


 step (see diagram below). Divide the TOTAL 

DISTANCE by 10. This is your stride length. Example: If you 

walk 22 feet, your stride length is 2.2 feet. 

Setting Your Stride Length: Press the yellow MODE button 

until arrow on bottom of display points to “DIST.” Press the 

dark blue SET button once to enter setting mode. Display will 

shift to show stride (for example, “F 1.95” means stride is set 

to 1.95 feet). Press the dark blue SET button to increase stride 

length. Press the green RESET button  to reduce stride length. 

Press the yellow MODE button to exit setting mode.  

Setting Your Weight: Press the yellow MODE button until 

arrow on bottom of display points to “CAL.” Press the dark 

blue SET button once to enter setting mode. Display will 

shift to show weight in pounds. For example, “L 165” means 

weight is set to 165 lbs. Press the dark blue SET button to 

increase weight setting. Press the green RESET button to 

reduce weight setting. Press the yellow MODE button to exit 

setting mode.

Setting the Clock: Press the yellow MODE button until the  

arrow on the bottom of the display points to the clock icon  .   

Press the dark blue SET button to enter clock setting mode 

(clock readout will flash).  Press the green RESET button to 

advance Hours.  Press the dark blue SET button to advance 

Minutes.  Press the aqua DAY/CUM button to shift between 

12 and 24 hour mode.  (“H” will show in display for 24 hour 

mode.) Press the cream MEMORY button to change the day 

of the week setting.  Press the yellow MODE button to exit 

clock setting mode, or wait a few seconds for pedometer to 

automatically exit clock setting mode.

While gently holding the belt clip open, slide the pedometer 

onto your belt or the top edge of your pants or skirt. It should fit 

snugly and level, above one knee. 

Note: The pedometer should be as vertical as possible. Walkers 

with larger stomachs may find it helpful to wear the pedometer 

farther back on the body, toward one hip. 

The cover must be closed for the pedometer to work. To avoid 

losing or dropping your pedometer, use the included leash and 

clip to fasten the pedometer securely to your clothing. 

Attaching the Leash: Attach the pedometer to the leash by 

looping the leash around the pedometer belt clip. Next, clasp  

the waistband of your clothing with the attached metal clip. You 

can also use a safety pin to fasten the leash to your clothing, or 

loop the leash through your belt or belt loop. 

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10 steps

Congratulations on taking the first step to wellness 

with your purchase of an ACCUSPLIT pedometer.  

It’s easy to set up your new pedometer.  

Just follow the steps below, and start walking!







Once you put on your pedometer with the cover closed, it will 

automatically begin to record your steps, distance, calories 

burned, and activity time. Repeatedly press the yellow MODE 

button to cycle through the pedometer modes: 



First, loop the 

pedometer clip

Next, loop the metal 

clip, then clasp clothing

Or, loop a  

badge holder, then 

 put into pocket

(Badge holder  

not included)

Or, loop a belt  

or belt loop

Eat Right! Walk More! Live Well! 

The ACCUSPLIT Lifestyle