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Smeg Built In Freezer VR115B Product Manual

Download Product manual of Smeg A50i Freezer for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of Smeg A50i Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: A50i, A50ir, Built In Freezer VR115B, REV0612

Brand: Smeg

Category: Freezer

Type: Product manual

Model: Smeg A50i , Smeg A50ir , Smeg Built In Freezer VR115B , Smeg REV0612

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Do not throw the packing into the garbage: first sort out the
different materials (i.e.: steel, cardboard, polystyrene) fol-
lowing local regulations.
Conformity declaration
This appliance incorporates parts intended to come into contact
with foodstuffs in compliance with EEC directive 89/109/CEE.
This appliance is free of CFC’s (refrigerant circuit contains R134a)
or free of HFC’s (refrigerant circuit contains R600a - Isobutane).
For more details, please refer to the rating plate on the appliance.
For appliances with Isobutane (R600a)
The refrigerant Isobutane is a natural gas of high environmen-
tal compatibility but which is inflammable. Therefore, it is es-
sential to ensure that the ducts of the refrigerant circuit do not
get damaged.


The appliance you have just bought, marked by the 


allows the freezing - in of fresh and cooked food, the production
of ice cubes and the storage of frozen food. Please read these in-
structions carefully, as they include a description of your appliance
and the useful hints to enable you to achieve the best performan-
ces required to freeze fresh food and to store already frozen food.


(Fig. 1)

A) Control panel
1) Operation control lamp (green light)
2) Temperature control lamp (red alarm light) with acoustic signal
3) Fast freeze control lamp (yellow light)
4) Fast freeze switch
5) Temperature control knob (thermostat)
6) Open door alarm switch
B) Baskets (freezing - in and storage baskets)
C) Storage basket only.
Some models are supplied with containers filled with cooling
liquid(eutectics): remove them from the back of the basket(C)
and position them next to each other inside the basket.


(Fig. 2)

Ensure that the appliance is not damaged. Transit damages must
be reported to your dealer within 24 hours of receipt of the ap-
pliance. The appliance should not be installed close to heat sources
such as cookers, central heating, boilers, sunlight, etc. It must
however be located in a well ventilated dry space. If the following
type of installation cannot be avoided, respect these side distances:
a) between appliance and oil or coal stoves: 30 cm minimum.
b) between appliance and gas or electric cooker: 3 cm minimum.
The appliance must stand on a stable and level surface: install it
following the instructions given on the rear of the template, deli-
vered with the appliance. Leave the appliance to stand for two
hours before connecting it to the electricity supply. We suggest
that during this time the interior is cleaned with a sponge dam-
pened in a solution of water and vinegar, after which the baskets
can be fitted into the appliance (Fig.3).
Attention:  Accessibility to the plug has to be guaranteed
even after installation of the appliance to disconnect it, if re-
quired. Alternatively, connect the appliance to the mains by
means of a two-pole switching device with contact separation
of 3 mm situated in an accessible position.


Please check that the voltage indicated on the rating plate si-
tuated inside the compartment corresponds to the voltage in
your home (Fig. 4-5)The earthing of this appliace is com-
pulsory by law. The manufacturer will accept no liability
for injury to persons or damage to objects arising from
the non observance of this requirement.

For Great Britain only:



Fuse replacement
If the mains lead of this appliance is fitted with a BS 1363A 13
amp fused plug, to change a fuse in this type of plug use an
A.S.T.A. approved fuse to BS 1362 type and proceed as follows:
1. Remove the fuse cover (A) and fuse (B)
2. Fit replacement 13A fuse into fuse cover
3. Refit both into plug.

IMPORTANT: The fuse cover must be refitted when chang-
ing a fuse and if the fuse cover is lost the plug must not be
used until a correct replacement is fitted. 
Correct replacements are identified by the colour insert or the
colour embossed in words on the base of the plug. Replacement
fuse covers are available from your local electrical store.


If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket outlet, then it
should be cut off and disposed of in order to avoid a possible
shock hazard should it be inserted into a 13A socket elsewhere.
A suitable alternative plug should then be fitted to the cable.
The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance with
the following code:
1. The GREEN AND YELLOW wire must be connected to the ter-
minal in the plug which is marked with the letter "E" or by the
Earth symbol 

or coloured green or green and yellow.

2. The BLUE wire must be connected to the terminal which is
marked with the letter "N" or coloured black.
3. The BROWN wire must be connected to the terminal which
is marked with the letter "L" or coloured red.

For the Republic of Ireland only
The information given in respect of Great Britain will frequently
apply, but a third type of plug and socket is also used, the 2-pin,
side earth type. In this case, the wire which is coloured GREEN
AND YELLOW must be connected to the EARTH contact, and
the other two wires to the two pins, irrespective of colour. The
supply to the socket must be fitted with a 16 amp fuse. 
When the appliance is plugged in, if the thermostat knob is not
set to symbol 

, the green and the red lamps (1) and (2)

(Fig.1) light up and the temperature acoustic alarm sounds.
The green control light always remains alight and indicates the
operation of the appliance. The red control light remains alight
until the set operation temperature has been attained. It lights
up again when the temperature inside the freezer rises due to
frequent or prolonged door opening, and when the appliance
has been loaded with fresh food to be frozen. In this case,
switch on the fast freeze facility until the red control light goes
off. The acoustic signal indicates that the red control light is ali-
ght. It stops when the red control light goes off or when the
fast freeze facility is switched on (yellow control light on).




Connection to a
typical 13 amp plug