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Sony ICF-C1iPMK2WHT Specifications

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Brand: Sony

Category: Clock , Clock Radio , MP3 Player

Type: Specifications for Sony ICF-C1iPMK2WHT

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Wake to your favorite tunes with the ICF-C1IPMK2, which features a unique
adjustable backstop to help you dock your compatible iPod® or iPhone,
and includes a convenient dual alarm clock digital AM/FM radio, Auto
Time Set and Automatic Daylight Savings Time.
Compatible with:
iPod and iPhone Compatible
Adjustable Backstop
The adjustable backstop
allows you to use any iPod in the dock for easy access to all of your
music through your clock radio.
Wake/Sleep to iPod, Radio or Buzzer
Fall asleep and wake up to your iPod, the radio or a buzzer.
Automatic Time Set (ATS)
The correct EST (Eastern Standard Time) has been preset at the factory, so just plug the clock in
and adjust the time zone as necessary. In the case of a power interruption, the built-in Lithium
battery maintains the correct time so when the power returns you don't have to re-set the clock
Automatic Daylight Savings Time
When Daylight Savings Time changes take place in the spring and fall each year, there is no
need to adjust the clock because the built-in calendar recognizes the dates and automatically
makes the proper time adjustments.
Digital AM/FM Tuner
Let's you choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music programming.
Remote included
Allows access to all the music on your iPod from across the room.
Dual Alarm
Set two separate wake-up times with the option of waking up to your iPod, the radio or a buzzer.
Stereo Speakers with MEGAXpand
iPod Battery Charging
While your iPod is on the dock, it will charge so you never have to worry about running low on
battery life.
Audio Input
Let's you easily connect any digital music player to the clock radio for easy access to all of your
Frequency Range
FM: 87.5 - 108 MHz, AM: 530 -1710 kHz
Sound Enhancer
Mega Xpand, Bass Reex Speaker System
Station Preset(s)
10 FM, 5 AM
Tuner Type
Digital AM/FM
Convenience Features
Dock/Clock Radio works with iPod®/iPhone