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Sony ICF-CS15IPBLKN Reference Manual

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Owner’s Record

The model number and the serial number are located on the 


Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer 

to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding 

this product.
Model No. ICF-CS15iPN


Serial No. ________________________________

For customers in the USA

Please register this product on line at 


Proper registration will enable us to send you 

periodic updates about new products, services, and 

other important announcements. Registering your 

product will also allow us to contact you in the 

unlikely event that the product needs adjustment 

or modification. Thank you.


To reduce the risk of fire or electric 

shock, do not expose this apparatus to 

rain or moisture.

To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the 

ventilation of the apparatus with newspapers, 

tablecloths, curtains, etc. And do not place lighted 

candles on the apparatus.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not 

expose this apparatus to dripping or splashing, 

and do not place objects filled with liquids, such 

as vases, on the apparatus.
Do not install the appliance in a confined space, 

such as a bookcase or built-in cabinet.
Do not expose the batteries (battery pack or 

batteries installed) to excessive heat such as 

sunshine, fire or the like for a long time.
As the main plug is used to disconnect the unit 

from the mains, connect the unit to an easily 

accessible AC outlet. Should you notice an 

abnormality in the unit, disconnect the main plug 

from the AC outlet immediately.
The unit is not disconnected from the AC power 

source (mains) as long as it is connected to the 

wall outlet, even if the unit itself has been turned 

The nameplate and important information 

concerning safety are located on the bottom 

You are cautioned that any changes or  

modifications not expressly approved in this 

manual could void your authority to operate this 



Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly 

replaced. Replace only with the same type.


This equipment has been tested and found to 

comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, 

pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits 

are designed to provide reasonable protection 

against harmful interference in a residential 

installation. This equipment generates, uses and 

can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not 

installed and used in accordance with the 

instructions, may cause harmful interference to 

radio communications. However, there is no 

guarantee that interference will not occur in a 

particular installation. If this equipment does 

cause harmful interference to radio or television 

reception, which can be determined by turning 

the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged 

to try to correct the interference by one or more 

of the following measures:

— Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.

— Increase the separation between the equipment 

and receiver.

— Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit 

different from that to which the receiver is  


— Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV 

technician for help.


 Replace the battery for the clock backup with a 

Sony CR2032 lithium battery, and the battery 

for the remote commander with a Sony CR2025 

lithium battery. Use of another battery may 

present a risk of fire or explosion. 

 Battery may explode if mistreated. Do not 

recharge, disassemble or dispose of in fire.

 Dispose of used battery promptly, according to 

local environmental laws and guidelines in 

force. Keep away from children.

Important Safety 


1)  Read these instructions.

2)  Keep these instructions.

3)  Heed all warnings.

4)  Follow all instructions.

5)  Do not use this apparatus near water.

6)  Clean only with dry cloth.

7)  Do not block any ventilation openings. 

Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s 


8)  Do not install near any heat sources such as 

radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other 

apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce 


9)  Do not defeat the safety purpose of the 

polarized or grounding-type plug. A polarized 

plug has two blades with one wider than the 

other. A grounding type plug has two blades 

and a third grounding prong. The wide blade 

or the third prong are provided for your safety. 

If the provided plug does not fit into your 

outlet, consult an electrician for replacement 

of the obsolete outlet.

10) Protect the power cord from being walked on 

or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience 

receptacles, and the point where they exit 

from the apparatus.

11) Only use attachments/accessories specified by 

the manufacturer.

12) Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, 

or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold 

with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use 

caution when moving the cart/apparatus 

combination to avoid injury from tip-over.

13) Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms 

or when unused for long periods of time.

14) Refer all servicing to qualified service 

personnel. Servicing is required when the 

apparatus has been damaged in any way, such 

as power-supply cord or plug is damaged, 

liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen 

into the apparatus, the apparatus has been 

exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate 

normally, or has been dropped.

For the state of California USA only

Perchlorate Material –special handling may apply, see 


Perchlorate Material: Lithium battery contains 



 To disconnect AC power, grasp the plug itself, 

not the cord.

 Since a strong magnet is used for the speaker, 

keep credit cards using magnetic coding or 

spring-wound watches, CRT-based TVs, or 

projectors, etc., away from the unit to prevent 

possible damage from the magnet.

 Do not leave the unit in a location near a heat 

source such as a radiator or airduct, or in a 

place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust, 

mechanical vibration, or shock.

 Allow adequate air circulation to prevent 

internal heat build-up. Do not place the unit on 

a surface (a rug, a blanket, etc.) or near 

materials (a curtain) which might block the 

ventilation holes.

 Should any solid object or liquid fall into the 

unit, unplug the unit and have it checked by 

qualified personnel before operating it any 


 During a thunderstorm, do not touch the 

antenna (aerial) and plug.

 Do not touch the unit with wet hands.

 Do not place the unit anywhere near water.


 Wipe the battery with a dry cloth to assure a 

good contact.

 Be sure to observe the correct polarity when 

installing the battery.

 Do not hold the battery with metallic tweezers, 

otherwise a short-circuit may occur.


 In the Reference Guide, “iPod” is used as a 

general reference to functions on an iPod or 

iPhone, unless otherwise specified by the text 

or illustrations.

If you have any questions or problems concerning 

your unit, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.


Power source

This unit contains a CR2032 battery as a backup 

power source to keep the clock and the alarm 

operating during a power interruption (No Power 

No Problem system).

When to replace the battery

When the battery becomes weak, “” appears in 

the display.

If a power interruption occurs while the battery is 

weak, the current time and alarm will be erased.

Replace the battery with a Sony CR2032 lithium 

battery. Use of another battery may cause a fire or 

 If “AM 12:00” flashes in the display when the 

unit is connected to an AC outlet for the first 

time, the battery may be weak. In this case, 

consult your nearest Sony dealer.

To replace the battery


  Keep the AC plug connected to the AC 

outlet, remove the screw of the battery 

compartment at the bottom of the unit, 

and open the lid (see Fig. ).


  Remove the old battery and insert a new 

one in the battery compartment with the 

 side facing up (see Fig. ).


  Replace the battery compartment lid and 

tighten the screw.


  Press , RADIO BAND, AUDIO IN or 

SNOOZE/BRIGHTNESS on the unit to 

turn “

” off in the display.

 When you replace the battery, do not 

disconnect the plug from the AC outlet. 

Otherwise, the current date, current time, 

alarm and station presets will be erased.


Reset button

To reset the unit

Press the reset button with a pointed object if the 

unit fails to function properly. The current time, 

alarm and station presets, etc., will revert to their 

factory presets (see Fig. ).

To charge your iPod

You can use the unit as a battery charger. 

Charging begins when the iPod is connected to 

the unit.

The charging status appears in the display on 

iPod. For details, see the user’s guide of your iPod.

Setting the clock

To set the clock for the first 


This unit is preset to the current EST (Eastern 

Standard Time) at the factory, and is powered by a 

backup battery. All you need to do the first time is 

just plug it in and select your time zone.


  Plug in the unit.

The current EST (Eastern Standard Time) 

appears in the display.


  Press and hold MODE for at least  

2 seconds.

Area number “2” flashes in the display.

The VOLUME + and  buttons have a tactile dot.


  Press TIME SET + or – repeatedly to 

select the number as follows:

Area number

Time zone


Newfoundland Standard 


Atlantic Standard Time

(default setting)

Eastern Standard Time


Central Standard Time


Mountain Standard Time


Pacific Standard Time


Alaska Standard Time


Hawaii Standard Time


  Press DSPL/ENT to set.

 To cancel the time zone setting, press MODE 

instead of DSPL/ENT in step 4.

 Though the clock is correctly set at the factory, 

discrepancies may arise during transport or 

storage. If necessary, set the clock to the correct 

time by referring to “To set the clock manually.”

When daylight saving time (summer 

time) begins

This model automatically adjusts for daylight 

saving time (summer time).

“ ” is displayed from the beginning of daylight 

saving time (summer time) and disappears at the 

end of the daylight saving time (summer time) 

 Daylight saving time (summer time) begins at: 

2:00 AM on the second Sunday of March.

 Standard time begins at: 2:00 AM on the first 

Sunday of November.

To cancel Auto DST/summer time adjustment 

during the daylight saving time (summer 

time) period

The Auto DST/summer time adjustment can be 


Press and hold CLOCK and SNOOZE/

BRIGHTNESS on the unit at the same time for at 

least 2 seconds while the clock is displayed.

“ ” and “OFF” appear in the display to show that 

Auto DST/summer time adjustment has been 

canceled. The display returns to the clock.
 Changes to Auto DST/summer time adjustment 

by the unit (see above) are subject to 

circumstances and laws in each country/region. 

Should this interfere with desired adjustment, 

cancel the Auto DST/summer time adjustment 

and set the DST display manually as necessary. 

Customers living in a country/region that does 

not use daylight saving time (summer time) 

must cancel Auto DST/summer time 

adjustment before using the unit.

 To activate Auto DST/summer time adjustment 

again, press and hold CLOCK and SNOOZE/

BRIGHTNESS on the unit at the same time for 

at least 2 seconds. 

“ ” and “On” appear in the display to show that 

Auto DST/summer time adjustment has been 

activated. The display returns to the clock.

To set the clock manually

To change the clock setting manually, operate the 

unit as follows.


  Plug in the unit.


  Press and hold CLOCK until the year 

flashes in the display.


  Press TIME SET + or  repeatedly to set 

the year, and then press CLOCK.


  Repeat step 3 to set the month, day, hour 

and minute.

The seconds start incrementing from zero.

 If you do not press any button for about  

1 minute while setting the clock, the clock 

setting will be canceled.

 A 100-year calendar (2013 - 2112) is installed in 

the unit. When the date is set, the day of the 

week is automatically displayed. 

MON = Monday, TUE = Tuesday,  

WED = Wednesday, THU = Thursday,  

FRI = Friday, SAT = Saturday, SUN = Sunday 

To display the year and date

During clock display, press CLOCK on the unit 

once for the date, and press it again for the year.

After a few seconds, the display will change back 

to the current time automatically.

Remote commander

Before using the supplied remote for the first 

time, remove the insulation film.

Aim the remote at the   (Remote sensor) of the 


The VOL + and  buttons have a tactile dot.

 Terminate the current function and stop 


 Stop a currently sounding alarm/snooze timer.
 (Play/Pause)

 Start playing the iPod. Press again to pause/

resume playback.

 (Forward)

 Go to the next track.

 Press and hold while listening to the sound to 

locate a desired point.

 (Backward)

 Go back to the previous track. During 

playback, this operation returns to the 

beginning of the current track. To go back to 

the previous track, press twice.

 Press and hold while listening to the sound to 

locate a desired point.

 Go back to the previous menu.
 (Up)/ (Down)

 Select a menu item or track for playback.
 Execute the selected menu item or begin 


 Select the desired sound effect(s). (For details, 

see “To enjoy the bass or expansion sound 


VOL +/− (Volume plus/minus)

 Adjust the volume.
 Activate the radio and select a band.
 Select the preset number or preset station. (For 

details, see “Operating the radio.”)

TUNE +/−
 Tune into a station when the radio is on.

 Press and hold to scan AM or FM stations.
 Activate the AUDIO IN function when an 

optional component is connected. (For details, 

see “Connecting optional components.”)

 Set the sleep timer. (For details, see “Setting the 

sleep timer.”)

 Some operations may differ or may not be 

available on certain models of iPod.

When to replace the battery 

With normal use, the battery (CR2025) should 

last for about 6 months. When the remote no 

longer operates the unit, replace the battery with a 

new one.

the  side facing up

 If you are not going to use the remote for a long 

time, remove the battery to avoid any damage 

that may be caused by leakage and corrosion.

Operating an iPod

Compatible iPod/iPhone 


The compatible iPod/iPhone models are as 


Update software of your iPod/iPhone to the latest 

version before using it with this unit.
iPod touch (5th generation) 

iPod nano (7th generation)*

iPhone 5

* The iPod nano (7th generation) cannot be 

controlled by the remote when the command of 

MENU,” “,” “,” and “ENTER” is pressed.

On copyrights

 iPhone, iPod, iPod nano, and iPod touch are 

trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. 

and other countries.

Lightning is a trademark of Apple Inc.

“Made for iPod,” and “Made for iPhone” mean 

that an electronic accessory has been designed to 

connect specifically to iPod or iPhone, 

respectively, and has been certified by the 

developer to meet Apple performance standards. 

Apple is not responsible for the operation of this 

device or its compliance with safety and 

regulatory standards. Please note that the use of 

this accessory with iPod or iPhone may affect 

wireless performance.
 This unit is not specified for use with an iPad, 

and malfunction may result if used with one.

To play


  Set an iPod on the dock connector.

The dock connector can be tilted slightly.


  Press .

The iPod begins playback.

You can operate the connected iPod via this 

unit or the iPod itself.


  Adjust the volume using VOLUME + or – 

(VOL + or  on the remote).

To place and remove the iPod

When placing or removing the iPod, hold it at the 

same angle as the dock connector on the unit. Do 

not pull the iPod forward too far.

 If a pop-up message appears on the display of 

the iPod touch or iPhone, see “About App.”

 An iPod in a case or cover can be set in this 

unit. However, if the case or cover interferes 

with the connection, remove the case or cover 

before setting the iPod on the dock connector.

 Do not twist or bend the iPod as this may result 

in connector damage.

 Remove the iPod when transporting it, 

otherwise a malfunction may result.

 When placing or removing the iPod, hold the 

unit securely.

 If the battery of your iPod is extremely low, 

charge it for a while before operation.

 If the iPod is already playing when set onto the 

unit, the sound from the iPod will be output 

from the unit speakers, even if the unit was 

playing sound from another function.

 Sony cannot accept responsibility in the event 

that data recorded to an iPod is lost or damaged 

when using an iPod connected to this unit.

 For details of environmental conditions for 

operating your iPod, check the website of Apple 


Operating the radio

To connect the AM loop 


The shape and length of the antenna is designed 

to receive AM signals. Do not dismantle or roll up 

the antenna.


  Remove only the loop part from the 

plastic stand.


  Set up the AM loop antenna.

(Refer to the Startup Guide bundled with this 

Reference Guide.)


  Insert the AM antenna terminal in the 

AM ANTENNA jack on the rear of the 


To adjust the AM loop antenna

Find a place and an orientation that provide good 

 Adjust the direction of the AM loop antenna for 

the best AM broadcast sound.

To remove the AM loop antenna

Push and hold down the tab of the antenna 

terminal clamp, and pull out the AM loop 


–Manual tuning


  Press RADIO BAND to turn on the radio.


  Press RADIO BAND repeatedly to select 

the desired band.

Each time you press the button, the radio 

band toggles between AM and FM as follows:


  Press TUNE + or  repeatedly to tune to 

the desired station.


  Adjust the volume using VOLUME + or  

(VOL + or  on the remote).

To turn off the radio, press OFF/ALARM 

RESET (OFF on the remote).

–Scan tuning

The unit automatically scans for AM or FM 



  Follow steps 1 to 2 in “Manual tuning” 

and select the AM or FM band.


  Press and hold TUNE + or .

+ : scans upward through the frequency bands.

– : scans downwards through the frequency 


Scanning starts from the currently-tuned 

frequency. When a station is received, 

scanning stops.


  Adjust the volume using VOLUME + or – 

(VOL + or  on the remote).

–Preset tuning

You can preset up to 20 FM stations and 10 AM 


To preset a station


  Follow steps 1 to 4 in “Manual tuning” 

and manually tune into the station you 

wish to preset.


  Press and hold MODE on the unit for at 

least 2 seconds.


  Press PRESET + or  to select the preset 

number, then press DSPL/ENT on the 


Example:  The following displays appear 

when you preset FM 89.8 MHz to 

preset number 1 for FM.

The display shows the frequency for about  

10 seconds, and then returns to the current 


 To preset another station, repeat these steps.

 To cancel the preset number setting, press 

MODE instead of DSPL/ENT in step 3.

 If you store another station with the same 

preset number, the previously stored station 

will be replaced.

To tune in to a preset station


  Follow steps 1 to 2 in “Manual tuning” 

and select the AM or FM band.


  Press PRESET + or  to select the desired 

preset number.


  Adjust the volume using VOLUME + or – 

(VOL + or – on the remote).

–Auto preset tuning


  Follow steps 1 to 2 in “Manual tuning” 

and select the AM or FM band.


  Press and hold RADIO BAND until “AP” 

flashes in the display.


  Press DSPL/ENT on the unit.

The unit automatically presets the available 

channels in order.

 To stop auto preset tuning, press RADIO BAND.

To display the preset number and 

frequency of the current station

Press DSPL/ENT on the unit once for the preset 

number, and press it again for the frequency.

If you press DSPL/ENT on the unit once only, the 

display shows the preset number for about  

2 seconds, then changes to the frequency.

After a few moments, the display returns to the 

current time.

To improve reception

FM:  Extend the FM wire antenna fully to increase 

reception sensitivity.

AM:  Connect the supplied AM loop antenna to 

the unit. Rotate the antenna horizontally for 

optimum reception.

Notes on radio reception

 Do not place the AM loop antenna near the 

power supply unit, the unit or other AV 

equipment during use, as noise may result.

 Keep digital music players or mobile phones 

away from the AM loop antenna or the FM 

antenna, as this may lead to reception 


 When you are listening to the radio with an 

iPhone connected to the unit, interference with 

radio reception may occur.

 When you are listening to the radio while 

charging an iPod, interference with radio 

reception may occur.

 If the FM broadcast is noisy, press MODE on 

the unit until “MONO” appears in the display, 

the radio will play in monaural and the sound 

will become clearer.

Setting the alarm

This unit is equipped with 3 alarm modes—iPod, 

radio and buzzer. The clock needs to be set before 

the alarm can be set (see “To set the clock for the 

first time”).

To set the alarm


  Press and hold   ALARM SET A or B

“WAKE UP” appears and the hour flashes in 

the display.


  Press TIME SET + or  repeatedly until 

the desired hour appears.

To cycle the hour rapidly, press and hold TIME 

SET + or .


  Press   ALARM SET A or B.

The minute flashes.


  Repeat step 2 to set the minute.


  Press   ALARM SET A or B.

The days of the week flash.


  Repeat step 2 to set the days of the week.

You can select the days from the following 

three options by pressing TIME SET + or :




Week end: SAT SUN


  Press   ALARM SET A or B.

The alarm mode setting is entered.


  Press TIME SET + or  repeatedly until 

the desired alarm mode flashes.

You can choose one of 4 settings: “iPod,” “FM,” 

“AM” or “BUZZER.” Set the alarm mode as 


– iPod: see “ To set the alarm as iPod.”

–  FM or AM: see “ To set the radio alarm.”

– BUZZER: see “ To set the buzzer alarm.”

 To set the alarm as iPod


  Perform steps 1 to 8 in “To set the alarm.”


  Press   ALARM SET A or B to select 

alarm mode for “iPod.”

The volume level flashes in the display.


  Press TIME SET + or  to adjust the 



  Press   ALARM SET A or B.

The setting is entered. 


  If “A” or “B” does not appear in the 

display, press   ALARM SET A or 


The iPod will sound at the set time.

When using an iPod touch/iPhone

 To wake up to music stored in an iPod touch/

iPhone, connect the iPod touch/iPhone to the 

unit first, follow the steps above to set alarm 

time, and then select the music function.

 Even if the alarm setting for iPod is complete, if 

you turn the iPod touch/iPhone power off after 

inserting the iPod touch/iPhone into the unit, 

the alarm will be the buzzer.

 To set the radio alarm



  Perform steps 1 to 8 in “To set the alarm.”


  Press   ALARM SET A or B to select 

radio band (“FM” or “AM”).

Preset number flashes in the display.


  Press TIME SET + or  to select the 

desired preset number corresponding the 

bands or “– –.”

“– –” is the last station received.


  Press   ALARM SET A or B.

The volume level flashes in the display.


  Press TIME SET + or  to adjust the 



  Press   ALARM SET A or B.

The setting is entered.


  If “A” or “B” does not appear in the 

display, press   ALARM SET A or B 


The radio will turn on at the set time.

 To set the buzzer alarm


  Perform steps 1 to 8 in “To set the alarm.”


  Press   ALARM SET A or B to select 

“BUZZER” alarm mode.

The setting is entered. 


  If “A” or “B” does not appear in the 

display, press   ALARM SET A or B 


The buzzer will sound at the set time.

 The volume of the buzzer is not adjustable.

To confirm an alarm time 


Press TIME SET + or . The setting will be 

displayed for about 4 seconds.

To change an alarm setting

Press and hold TIME SET + for at least 2 seconds 

to move the alarm time forwards. Press and hold 

TIME SET – for at least 2 seconds to move the 

alarm time back.

When you release the button, the changed time 

will flash for about 2 seconds. To change the 

alarm time again, press TIME SET + or  within 

these 2 seconds, otherwise the setting change will 

be fixed as displayed.

To doze for a few more 


Press SNOOZE/BRIGHTNESS on the unit.

The sound turns off but will automatically come 

on again after about 10 minutes. 

You can change the snooze time by pressing 

SNOOZE/BRIGHTNESS on the unit repeatedly 

within 4 seconds.

The maximum length of the snooze time is  

60 minutes.

To stop the snooze timer, press OFF/ALARM 

RESET (OFF on the remote).

To stop the alarm

Press OFF/ALARM RESET (OFF on the remote) 

to turn off the alarm.

The alarm will sound again at the same time the 

next day.

To deactivate the alarm

Press   ALARM ON/OFF A or B to turn off the 

alarm A or B indicator from the display.

To activate the alarm

Press   ALARM ON/OFF A or B to turn on the 

alarm A or B indicator in the display.

 When alarm is set as iPod, only the buzzer 

alarm will sound if there is no iPod on the dock 

connector, music is not stored in the iPod, or 

the iPod touch/iPhone is turned off.

 The alarm function works as usual on the first 

and last day of daylight saving time (summer 

time). As a result, if the Auto DST/summer 

time adjustment is set and the alarm is set at a 

time skipped when the daylight saving time 

begins, the alarm will sound; if the alarm is set 

to a time that overlaps when daylight saving 

time ends, the alarm will sound twice.

 If the same alarm time is set for both alarm A 

and B, alarm A takes priority.

 If no operation is performed while the alarm is 

occurring, the alarm will stop after about 

60 minutes.

Note on the alarm in the event of a power 


In the event of a power interruption, the buzzer 

alarm will last about 5 minutes if the battery is not 

weak. However, certain functions will be affected 

as follows:

 The backlight will not light up.

 If the alarm mode is set to iPod or radio, it will 

change to buzzer automatically.

 If OFF/ALARM RESET is not pressed, the alarm 

will sound for about 5 minutes.

 If “

” appears in the display, the alarm will not 

sound in the event of a power interruption. 

Replace the battery if “

” appears.

 The snooze function cannot be set during a 

power interruption.

 During a power interruption, each alarm will 

sound at the set time only once.

Setting the sleep timer

You can fall asleep to music, etc., using the sleep 

timer. The unit stops playback or radio 

automatically after a preset duration.


  Press SLEEP while the unit is turned on. 

“SLEEP” appears and the sleep time flashes in 

the display.


  Press SLEEP to set the sleep timer 


Each time you press SLEEP, the duration (in 

minutes) changes as follows:

The display returns to current time for about  

4 seconds after you have finished the duration 

setting and released SLEEP, and then the sleep 

timer starts.  

The unit plays for the duration you set, and 

then stops.

To turn off the unit before 

the preset time

Press OFF/ALARM RESET (OFF on the remote).

To change the sleep timer 


You can press SLEEP repeatedly to select the 

desired sleep timer setting, even after the sleep 

timer has been activated.

To deactivate the sleep timer

Press SLEEP repeatedly to set the sleep timer to 

“OFF” in step 2.

Connecting optional 


To listen to sound


  Firmly connect the line output jack of a 

portable digital music player (or other 

component) to the AUDIO IN jack on the 

back of the unit, using a suitable audio 

connecting cable (not supplied).


  Press AUDIO IN to display “AUDIO IN.”


 Turn the connected component on.


  Play the connected component. 

The sound from the connected component is 
output from the speakers of this unit.


  Adjust the volume using VOLUME + or  

(VOL + or  on the remote).

To return to the radio


The preset number followed by the frequency of 

the last station appears in the display.

To return to the iPod

Press .

To stop listening

Press OFF/ALARM RESET (OFF on the remote), 

and stop playback on the connected component.

 The necessary type of audio connecting cable 

depends on the optional component. Make sure 

to use the correct type of cable.

 If the volume level is low, adjust the volume of 

the unit first. If the volume is still too low, 

adjust the volume of the connected component.

 Disconnect the audio connecting cable from 

the unit when it is not in use.

 When you listen to the radio with optional 

component connected, turn off the connected 

component to prevent noise. If noise occurs, 

even when the component is turned off, 

disconnect and place the optional component 

away from the unit.

Other useful functions

To enjoy the bass or 

expansion sound effect

Three levels of sound effect are available by 

pressing SOUND.

Each time you press the button, the sound effect 

changes as follows:

“MEGA BASS”: Provides high quality bass sound.

“MEGA Xpand”: Expands the sound field width.

“MEGA BASS” and “MEGA Xpand”: Enables 

both the above effects.

To return to standard sound, press the button 

until the display(s) disappear.

To set the brightness of the 


Four levels of brightness are available by pressing 


Even if brightness level is set to OFF, it will 

change to Low while the alarm is occurring.

About App

A dedicated dock App for iPod touch and iPhone 

available at Apple App Store.

Search for “D-Sappli” and download the free App 

to find out more about the functions.

You can synchronize time and date from your 

iPhone by simply inserting iPhone on the Dock 

while D-Sappli is activated.
 If the App to link with this unit is not 

downloaded to your iPod touch/iPhone,  

a pop-up message prompting you to download 

D-Sappli may appear repeatedly. 

Deactivate the App’s link function to stop the 

pop-up message.

 To deactivate the App’s link function: Remove 

your iPod touch/iPhone from the dock 

connector. Press  (to enter the iPod 

function), and then press and hold VOLUME  

and  on the unit simultaneously for at least 

2 seconds. (“OFF” appears in the display to 

show that the App’s link function has been 


 To re-activate the App’s link function, repeat the 

above steps. (“On” appears in the display to 

show that the App’s link function has been 


Additional Information


Should any problem persist after you have made 

the following checks, consult your nearest Sony 

The clock flashes “AM 12:00” due to a power 

 The battery is low. Replace the battery. Remove 

the old battery and install a new one.

The alarm of radio, iPod or buzzer does not 

sound at the preset alarm time.
 Check that alarm “A” or alarm “B” is properly 


The alarm of radio or iPod is activated but no 

sound comes on at the preset alarm time.
 Check the alarm volume setting.
There is no sound from the iPod.
 Make sure the iPod is securely connected. 

 Adjust the VOLUME +/– (VOL +/– on the 


The iPod cannot be operated with this unit.
 Make sure the iPod is securely connected.

 Check that the iPod is compatible with this unit 

(see “Compatible iPod/iPhone models”).

The iPod cannot be charged.
 Make sure the iPod is securely connected.

 Check that the iPod is compatible with this unit 

(see “Compatible iPod/iPhone models”).

When daylight saving time (summer time) 

begins, the clock does not employ the 

daylight saving time (summer time) 

 Make sure the clock is set correctly.

 Press and hold CLOCK and SNOOZE/

BRIGHTNESS on the unit simultaneously for at 

least 2 seconds to activate the Auto DST/

summer time function.





With 6 ohm loads both channels driven, from  

150 Hz - 10,000 Hz; rated 3 watts per channel 

minimum RMS power, with no more than 10% 

total harmonic distortion.

Time display

12-hour system


DC out: 5 V

MAX: 1 A


Frequency range

Band Frequency

Channel step


87.5 MHz - 108 MHz 0.1 MHz


530 kHz - 1 710 kHz

10 kHz



Approx. 5.7 cm (2 




 inches) dia. 6 Ω


AUDIO IN jack (ø 3.5 mm stereo minijack)
Power output

3.5 W + 3.5 W (at 10% harmonic distortion)
Supply voltage/Current or power 


120 V AC, 60 Hz, 16 W

For clock back up: 3V DC, CR2032 battery (1)


Approx. 290 mm × 165 mm × 145 mm (w/h/d) 





 inches × 6 




 inches × 5 





including projecting parts and controls

Approx. 1.65 kg (3 lb 7 oz) including power 

supply unit
Supplied accessories

Remote commander (1)

AM loop antenna (1)
Design and specifications are subject to change 

without notice.

This unit includes a preinstalled Sony Lithium battery (CR2032) as back-up power source for the clock, which is preset 

to EST (Eastern Standard Time) at the factory. And this battery is considered part of the product.

Dream Machine is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

Dream Machine es una marca comercial de Sony Corporation.

No Power No Problem is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

No Power No Problem es una marca comercial de Sony Corporation.

Auto Time Set is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

Auto Time Set es una marca comercial de Sony Corporation.

FM wire antenna

Power cord

Remote sensor


This warranty is valid only in the United States.

Esta garantía es válida únicamente en los Estados Unidos.


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