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Sony DVP-FX74 Specifications

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Brand: Sony

Category: DVD Player , Portable DVD Player , Portable Radio

Type: Specifications for Sony DVP-FX74

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7" (Diag.) Portable DVD Player





Key Features

7-inch (diag.) widescreen monitor 

3-hour rechargeable battery  

Unique textured design

Multiple format disc playback

2 built-in headphone jacks  

Car adaptor included

Disc resume

Remote control included

A/V output

12-bit/108MHz Video DAC

Key Technologies

7-inch widescreen monitor:


Enjoy entertainment on the go with the Sony® DVP-FX74 portable DVD 

player, featuring a compact seven-inch (measured diagonally) screen.

3 hour rechargeable battery:


With up to three hours of battery life, the DVP-FX74 lets you watch 

multiple movies before having to recharge.

Unique textured design:


The DVP-FX74's unique textured design is both stylish and functional.

Multiple format disc playback:


View movies and photos and listen to music on your portable DVD 

player with multiple format playback.

2 built-in headphone jacks:


Share your entertainment with friends and family with two built-in 

headphone jacks

Car adaptor included:


Included car adaptor helps make sure your DVD player is always ready to 

go no matter how long the road trip.

Disc resume:


With disc resume, you can boot up a DVD where you left off.

A/V input and output:


Plug the DVP-FX74 into your TV using the A/V output and it instantly 

becomes a standard DVD player.

12-bit/108MHz Video DAC:


Enjoy a pristine picture every time you play a DVD with 12-bit/108MHz 

Video DAC (Digital to Analog Conversion). The DAC technology minimizes digital artifacts and fine 
picture gradation for an image that's closer to the original source.