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Hewlett-Packard -380467-003 - COMPAQ PRESARIO C300 C500 C700 F500 F700 LAPTOP CHARGER Getting Started Manual

Download Getting started manual of HP -380467-003 - COMPAQ PRESARIO C300 C500 C700 F500 F700 LAPTOP CHARGER Adapter, Desktop for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of HP -380467-003 - COMPAQ PRESARIO C300 C500 C700 F500 F700 LAPTOP CHARGER Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: -380467-003 - COMPAQ PRESARIO C300 C500 C700 F500 F700 LAPTOP CHARGER, KN844UA#ABA - Pavilion Dv6693us - Turion 64 X2 2 GHz, Pavilion a800 - Desktop PC, Pavilion d1000 - Desktop PC

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HP -380467-003 - COMPAQ PRESARIO C300 C500 C700 F500 F700 LAPTOP CHARGER Getting started manual - Page 2
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Your PC uses the Microsoft




 XP Media Center Edition 

2005 operating system. Before starting the system and using the 
Media Center setup wizard, read this updated information 
regarding the following topics. Keep this information with your 
Media Center documentation. 

Documentation Updates 


For the latest information about setting up your 

PC, refer to the setup poster that was included with your PC. 

If your PC model does not include a TV tuner, a remote control, 
or an HP Personal Media Drive bay, some of the chapters in the 
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Software 
 may not apply to your PC model. These chapters are: 


Using the Remote Control 


Watching and Recording TV Programs 


Listening to FM Radio 


Using an HP Personal Media Drive 


Importing, Editing, and Burning Videos  

Opening and navigating Media Center without a 
remote control 
Most of the procedures in the Microsoft Windows XP Media 
Center Edition 2005 Software Guide 
include instructions using 
the remote control. 
Use your mouse to open and navigate within Media Center 
without a remote control: 

Click Start on the taskbar, and then click Media 


Move your mouse over the Media Center Start menu items 

and click an item to open it. Select an option by clicking it. 
To scroll the list of Start menu items, move the mouse pointer 
over the list until the item is selected, then continue moving 
the pointer past the list to see the items that are not 

Click the back arrow at the top of the window to 

go to a previous window. 

Click the ? icon at the top of the window to open the 

Media Center Help. 

Click the Media Center icon to return to the Media 

Center Start menu. 

NOTE: For the latest information about using Media Center, go 
to the Microsoft Web site at http://www.microsoft.com 

Using Media Center without a TV tuner 
If your PC does not come with a TV tuner: 


Your PC does not have audio and video input connectors 
on the front panel.  


You cannot use the video capture software referred to in 
the printed documentation. 


The My TV and FM Radio options do not appear on the 
Media Center Start menu or in the Settings menu.  


All of the procedures regarding watching, searching, and 
recording TV programs do not apply.  


The information about the Television Program Guide does 
not apply. 


The information about FM Radio does not apply.  


The information about capturing analog and digital video 
does not apply. 


HP does not support TV tuner cards purchased 


Using Media Center with or without 
an HP Personal Media Drive 
If you purchase an HP Personal Media Drive separately, refer to 
the documentation that comes with the drive and refer to the 
”Using the HP Personal Media Drive” chapter in the Getting 
Started Guide
 for setting up and using the drive.  
If you plan to use this drive with Media Center, refer to the 
”Using an HP Personal Media Drive” chapter in the Microsoft 
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Software Guide. 
you do not intend to use this drive, you can disregard this 

Hardware Updates 


Some of the components listed in the HP Media Center 
Getting Started Guide
 are optional and are for select 
models only. 


Some of the components included with your PC model may 
not be listed in the 



Your HP Media Center PC may not include speakers. 
HP speakers can be purchased separately. For some models, 
speakers are included with the HP monitor. 


Some HP PC models come with a camera docking bay. 
The camera, docking station, and the docking station bay 
lids are optional items that can be purchased separately. 

Important PC Updates