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Hewlett-Packard 60 Replacement Instructions

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MSA6X Series Enclosure 

and ProLiant DL320S 

Backplane replacement 


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Part number: 440586-001 

First edition: 02/2007 



About this document 

This document details procedures for replacing a failed 

backplane in an MSA6X Series Enclosure or ProLiant DL320S. 

Before you begin 



Before removing the failed component, make sure 

that you have the replacement part available. Removing a 

component impacts the airflow and cooling ability of the 

To prevent improper cooling and thermal damage, do not 

operate the enclosure unless all bays are populated with either 

a component or a blank. 
Do not remove more than one component or blank from the 

enclosure at a time. Doing so impacts the airflow and cooling 

ability of the device. To avoid possible overheating, insert the 

new or replacement component as quickly as possible. If the 

internal temperature exceeds acceptable limits, the enclosure 

may overheat and automatically shut down or restart. 
Parts can be damaged by electrostatic discharge. Use proper 

anti-static protection. 


Verifying component failure 

Before replacing the backplane, use the following methods to 

verify component failure: 


Check the hard drive status LEDs as identified in the 

following table. Check with known good hard drives. 


Check the host log for errors. 


Hard drive LED combinations 
Online/activity LED 


Fault/UID LED 



On, off, or flashing  Alternating amber 

and blue 

The drive has failed, or 

a predictive failure 

alert has been received 

for this drive; it also 

has been selected by a 



On, off, or flashing  Steadily blue 

The drive is operating 

normally, and it has 

been selected by a 




Amber, flashing 

regularly (1 Hz) 

A predictive failure 

alert has been received 

for this drive. 
Replace the drive as 

soon as possible. 

On Off  The drive is online, but 

it is not currently active.