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Hewlett-Packard Model 705 - Workstation Notice

Download Notice of HP 720 Series All in One Printer, Camcorder for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of HP 720 Series Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: 705, Model 712/100 - Workstation, Model 712/60 - Workstation, Model 715/64 - Workstation, Model 715/80 - Workstation

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Disk Drive Software Notice

Hewlett–Packard now has additional sources for 1–GB and 2–GB SCSI disk drives:


Seagate ST31200N

Quantum LPS1080S


Seagate ST31200W

Quantum LPS1080WD

Hewlett-Packard C3324A

Seagate ST31230N

Quantum VP31110

Hewlett-Packard C3324W

Seagate ST31230W

2–GB: DEC DSP3210S

Seagate ST12400N

Quantum VP32210


Seagate ST12400W

Hewlett-Packard C3325A

Seagate ST32430N

Hewlett-Packard C3325W

Seagate ST32430W

The product you have just purchased includes one of these new drives. The functional capabilities of
these new drives depend on the version of HP–UX you load onto your product.  The following table lists
the drive capabilities at different versions of HP–UX.  Notice that the 2–GB drives are not supported
when running under HP–UX 9.01.



1–GB Drives

2–GB Drives


Patch needed for full functionality 

(see Note 1)

Not supported


Patch needed for full functionality

Patch needed for full functionality 

(see Note 2)


May need patch for full functionality 

(see Note 3)

May need patch for full functionality 

(see Note 3)


Full functionality (Quantum VP31110
   requires a patch)

Full functionality (Quantum VP32210
   requires a patch)


Full functionality

Full functionality


Full functionality (Quantum VP31110
   requires a patch)

Full functionality (Quantum VP32210
   requires a patch)

Notes – 1.  Diagnostic support is not available for these drives running on HP–UX 9.01.

2.  To install 2–GB drives on HP–UX 9.03, you must use a netdist install server.  This device

cannot be installed as a standalone device.  You must install patch PHSS_5776  on the
server to recognize these disk drives.

3.  The following drives are fully supported at HP–UX 9.05 (all others need patch):

Seagate ST31200N, ST31200W, ST12400N, ST12400W; DEC DSP3107LS,
DSP3107LSW, DSP3210S, DSP3210SW; Quantum LPS1080S, LPS1080WD.

9.05 vs. 9.05 PCO
In order to identify whether you have an HP–UX 9.05 or 9.05 PCO system, enter the following command
at a terminal window prompt:

grep fv /system/UX–CORE/index

Your system will respond with:

fv:    A.B9.05.1M  

(for a 9.05 PCO system)



fv:    A.B9.05.1J

     (for a 9.05 system)

For further details about the HP–UX 9.05 PCO release, please refer to the Release Notes found online in:


          (Over, please)