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Hewlett-Packard 1280 - Ultra VGA - 17" CRT Display User Manual

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Brand: HP

Category: Monitor , Printer

Type: Operation & user’s manual for HP 1280

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D2835A/S, D2836A

2-76 HP Displays

HP Ultra VGA 1280 and 1280 with Extra Low Emissions


HP Ultra VGA 1280 (D2835A/S) and
HP Ultra VGA 1280 with Extra Low Emissions 
(D2836A) 17-inch Color Displays

(CPL July 1997)

The difference between D2835A/S and D2836A is the ergonomic rating: D2836A 
is TCO ‘95 compliant.

Controls, Indicators, and Adjustments

The On/Off switch is on the front of the display. You can adjust the quality, 
position, size, and shape of the displayed image using the drop-down control 
panel on the front of the display.

Open the control panel by pushing down the panel cover, as indicated above.

Pressing a control button displays an onscreen menu that contains information 
about the display’s current setting(s) for the option selected.

Certain control buttons have dual function when pressed twice. Refer to the 
information below for more details.

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