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HP 10S Specifications

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Brand: HP

Category: Calculator

Type: Specifications for HP 10S

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HP 10s

Scientific Calculator

Easy-to-use 2-line display
Work with confidence with easy to read 2-line 10 character
LCD. Problem solving is simple with easy to fix number of 
decimal places displayed and over 240 built-in functions 
and dedicated buttons for common calculations.
• View equations and results at the same time on large 

2-line display

• Decimal point selection allows you to fix the number of 

decimal places—ideal for beginning learners

• Solve math and science problems quickly and easily using

over 240 built-in functions

• Work smarter and faster with one positive and negative 

sign change key, percentage key and pi key

Smart, solar powered design
Work smarter with both solar and battery power. Use both 
natural and indoor lighting to extend the life of your battery. 
• Enjoy environmentally-friendly solar power that helps extend

the battery life.

Simplify difficult problems
Great for the home, the HP 10s easily calculates measurements
from home improvement to math problems.  
• Working with fractions, solving logs, powers and roots is easy

with fraction calculation

• Simplify math and algebra with cube root solving and the

ability to work with parentheses

• Store and recall important equations and data with 

easy-to-use memory function

Ready for advanced work
Easily power through advanced calculations such as statistics
and performing complex conversions. Ideal for algebra 
and trigonometry, the HP 10s features a robust advanced 
mathematics package.
• Find mean, standard deviation, variance and more 

with statistics editing capability

• Quickly convert data from degrees, minutes and seconds 

to decimal degrees and back

• Calculate permutations, combinations and factorials 

at the push of a button

• Power for solving inverse functions—ideal for algebra 

and trigonometry 

This scientific solar calculator is perfect for mathematics 
and science courses. Simple-to-use and designed to go 
with you as your challenges grow, the HP 10s takes on 
the toughest problems.