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HP SSL1016 Features And Benefits

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HP Library and Tape Tools (L&TT) is a free, robust diagnostic tool for all of HP's tape storage and magneto-optical storage products.

Targeted for a wide range of users, it is ideal for customers who want to verify their installation, ensure product reliability, perform
their own diagnostics and achieve faster resolution of tape device issues.

L&TT performs firmware upgrades, verification of device operation, failure analysis and a range of utility functions. Performance tools
assist in troubleshooting bottlenecks and system configuration checks warn of common host issues. It also provides seamless
integration with HP support by generating and e-mailing test results and support tickets.

HP Support will require the use of L&TT to troubleshoot most device issues, so it is recommended that a support ticket is pulled and
the device assessment test is run before calling.

Operating systems currently supported include HP-UX, Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, OpenVMS, Solaris and Mac OS X.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Free, easy to install and easy to use diagnostic tool

Downloaded and installed from HP.com (


) in less than five minutes

Intuitive user interface requires no customer training
Choose between local installation or running from a remote installation, CD or memory stick

Reduce product downtime through preventative maintenance, fast issue diagnosis with corrective actions

Automated, smart firmware downloads, updates and notifications
Comprehensive device analysis and troubleshooting tests
First level failure analysis of both the device and system without HP involvement
Troubleshoot system performance issues through the use of analysis tools
Identify the most common host system configuration issues
Provides a direct link to the ITRC web-based troubleshooting content

Seamless integration with HP's hardware support organization

Generate and e-mail support tickets to the support center for faster service and support
Provides an all-inclusive source of device information for HP support center

Get the most out of your device through access to operational, health and usage data in the support ticket

Drive health, life, usage, utilization, performance
Media health, life, usage (Ultrium only)
Backup quality (Ultrium only)

Integration with HP's TapeAssure service (



What's New

What's New

What's New

What's New

L&TT is frequently updated and developed to:

Support all of HP's latest tape storage products including the virtual tape D2D and VLS devices
Provide the most effective support and diagnostics for these products in the industry
Run on the latest versions of the most commonly used operating systems

For details of new features in any particular release, please refer to the release notes located with the L&TT download on HP's
support web pages or in the L&TT user guide.

It is highly recommended that the latest version of L&TT is used at all times as the support of even older products can benefit from
improvements in the latest releases of the tool.


HP Library and Tape Tools

HP Library and Tape Tools

HP Library and Tape Tools

HP Library and Tape Tools


DA - 11591   Worldwide — Version 29 — January 6, 2012

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