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HP Compaq GX5000T CTO Quick Setup

Download Quick setup of HP Compaq GX5000T CTO Camcorder, Desktop for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com.

Brand: HP

Category: Camcorder , Desktop

Type: Quick setup for HP Compaq GX5000T CTO

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Download HP Compaq GX5000T CTO Quick setup

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Keyboard and Mouse



Connecting Speakers

NOTE:  Printers, network connectivity, 
and other accessories should be 
connected only after computer setup 
and registration are complete.




NOTE:  Speakers not included. Powered
speakers, which include a power cord, 
are required for sound.  Your speaker
connections may vary.

NOTE:  Monitor and cable not included.
VGA monitors may require DVI adaptor.

NOTE:  Make sure the power supply 
is set to the On position.


Quick Setup