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HP Action Cam ac200w Data Sheet

Download Datasheet of HP Action Cam ac200w Camcorder, Digital Camera for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com.

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Action Cam ac200w 

The HP Action Cam ac200w is for the daredevil who 

needs a rugged camera to capture extraordinary 

video and photos. Choose a camera mount and 
position the ac200w to record kayaking, mountain 
biking or a helicopter skiing adventure. Get the shot 

you want using the HP Xcam app. Preview exactly 

what the camera sees using your smart phone or 

tablet. When the shot is important it’s easy. And if 
the camera is mounted up to 15ft away, use the 

wrist strap remote to take video and pictures.





Use the water proof wrist remote controls when the 
action and conditions are extreme 


The ac200w mounted on your ski helmet is taking video 
when you’re struck by the beauty of the vista in front of 
you. Take the picture with the RF writ strap. Amazingly, this 
action doesn’t interrupt the video. The ac200w creates 
comprehensive memories of your adventure. Use the wrist 
remote control to take photos using burst mode, time 
lapse or switch to camcorder mode. The remote’s 
operating distance is 5 m or 16ft, plenty of distance for 

Complete camera control buttons for easy setup  

Either in or out of the waterproof case it’s easy to configure 
the HP Action Cam using the bright 0.83” display. Control 
key image quality attributes like white balance for lighting 
type, ISO equivalent, and others from the set-up menu. Or 
leave the HP ac200w in automatic mode and the camera 
calibrates the settings for you. Mounting the 
Action Camera is easy with 
the accessories in the box. 

ttach the ac200w to a 

dive mask, bike 
handlebars, or apply your 
ingenuity to save the 
adventure moment.


Rugged construction ensures the ac200w is ready for 
your adventures  

Ted, a professional cyclist, discovered the ac200w to be a 
dependable partner for capturing race video. In a worst 
case situation the camera was brutally battered against the 
bike frame during the final 20 miles of the race. After the 
celebration, Ted found the camera had recorded every 
frame of the race and was ready for the next shot. Evidence 
the HP Action Cam is a great choice for uncompromising 

The 170° Ultra Wide Angle Lens captures the most 
demanding moments  

The 170° Ultra Wide Angel Lens captures still photos and 
the high quality optics provide clear, crisp video from edge 
to edge without distortion. Review your 1080p video or 
photos through a Wi-Fi connection on your phone tablet or 
PC. All this capability fits in your dive bag, ski bag or any 
small pocket in your adventure gear. 


Access to Wi-Fi increases the ac200w’s capability. With a 
Wi-Fi connection you can download video and pictures to 
your phone, tablet or PC.