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HP DF780A3 Quick Start

Download Quick start manual of HP DF710C2 Digital Photo Frame for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of HP DF710C2 Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: DF780A3, df820 - 8" Series Digital Picture Frame, DF820A2 - 8" Digital Picture Frame, DF820A3, DF820B3

HP DF710C2 Quick start manual - Page 1
Page 1
background image

USB cable

Warranty card

Power adapter

User manual

Digital picture frame

Interchangeable mats

What’s inside the box...

Remote control

DOC letter

Connect the power adapter

Insert memory card or USB storage
device (external)

Move the power switch to the
ON position

Enjoy! A slideshow of your pictures
will begin in a few seconds

Place frame face down on table.
Remove the four screws and lift up
the digital picture frame.

Note:  use caution when handling
glass panel to avoid possible breakage.

Replace the mat with different color
mat to match your décor.

Put all the screws back and make
sure the digital picture frame is
firmly fastened.

Enjoy the new look.

Getting started

P/N 7511C00037A

How to change the mat