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HP dvd1170e Specifications

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Brand: HP

Category: DVD Drive

Type: Specifications for HP dvd1170e

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HP dvd1170e External Multiformat DVD Writer

22X enternal USB drive with DVD±R/±RW and DVD-RAM read/write,

DVD±R double-layer capability, and LightScribe direct disc labeling.

HP’s USB External drive offers high speeds and double-layer 

recording, and it’s LightScribe Version 1.2-ready for 

high-contrast LightScribe labeling. It lets users easily preserve, 

edit and share up to 8.5 GB of video, photos, and multimedia 

presentations on one double-layer disc – and quickly store, 

back up and transport files on DVDs and CDs. 

The dvd1170e records double-layer DVDs at up to 8X, 

recordable DVDs up to 22X, rewritable DVDs at up to 8X, 

and DVD-RAM at up to 12X. 

Compatible and 


The Latest 


LightScribe Direct 

Disc Labeling

Creative, Fun 

and Robust

• Record to all major formats on one drive: DVD±R/±RW, DVD±R DL, 

   DVD-RAM, CD-R/RW, and LightScribe.

• Enjoy excellent playback compatibility on DVD drives and players.

• Record hours of video onto DVD with your PC, then play it back 

   in your living room.

• Record and back up critical files on DVD-RAM.

• USB2.0 interface allows flexibility of using the drive on different PCs

• Great compatibility with USB2.0 interface

• Get the latest optical storage features in the HP dvd1170e.

• Burn discs at high speeds, up to 22X for DVD±R

• Record to single- or double-layer DVDs, and now to DVD-RAM.

• Burn labels directly to disc with the latest LightScribe technology.

• LightScribe is artistic: Create beautiful labels and burn them 

   directly to your LightScribe discs.

• LightScribe is easy: Just burn your CD or DVD, then flip the 

   disc over and burn a label.

• LightScribe can’t peel off, get stuck, or cause disc damage the 

   way paper labels can.

• LightScribe direct disc labeling means no pens, no ink, no printer 

   and no sticky labels.

• Full software suite included – edit video, create slideshows, back 

   up music and data, create personalized label designs, and more.

• Surprise your family and friends with slideshows and home movies, 

   digitally preserved on DVD or CD, beautifully labeled with your own 

   personal touch and ready for playback.

• Rely on HP’s comprehensive testing standards for high compatibility 

   and quality results.