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HP 12500 Data Sheet

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Brand: HP

Category: Firewall

Type: Datasheet for HP 12500

Pages: 8

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Data sheet

HP 12500 20Gbps VPN Firewall Module

Key features

• High-performance, 20Gb/s firewall throughput
• Comprehensive security orotection
• Rich VPN functions; IPSec/GRE/L2TP
• Advanced virtual firewall
• Low operating cost

Product overview

The HP 12500 20Gbps VPN Firewall Module is a high a performance,
integrated network security that can deliver more than 20Gbps of
throughput. The scalable stateful firewall can be aggregated in a
single switch chassis (up to 16 modules), delivering up to 400Gbps
firewall throughput. The switch integrated firewall unifies the
administration of the network and firewall, enabling customers to
have simplified management, and learn once for administrating the
network and firewall security. These advanced features provide high
return on investment as you will be taking advantage of the existing
switches for the blades. The Firewall modules have the following
features: •Integrated security functions, including firewall, VPN, NAT,
URL filtering, and application layer filtering •Application Specific
Packet Filter (ASPF), used to detect application layer connection state
in real time, implementing security protection from Layer 3 through
Layer 7 •Operation logs, attack logs, stream logs, and network
management and monitoring functions •Plug-and-play with great
scalability, allowing for insertion of one or more firewall modules into
the network device